Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Morning, June 25

Good Morning. I hope you had a great weekend.  Our's was the usual , Running around. Fooling around and laying around. Saturday was running around. We talked to Jerry's sister Mary. She's doing well but has Chemo on the 5th and was told that after this round to expect to lose her hair. Well, she mentioned she needed something to cover her head with. I went on-line and found a pattern that looks easy enough for me to make for her. Picked up a sewing machine over the weekend since my hand sewing skills are all but null.  I have some material on hand and will pick up some more this next weekend.
This morning I've been busy.  I've...
made Jerry's breakfast
took the dogs out
set up "to do" list
downloaded some books for Kindle
pulled out chicken for dinner
put away clothes in light blue tub
put away clothes in Dr blue tub
put away clothes in purple
transferred laundry soap from one bottle into another. tossed old bottle
picked some Tarragon, Rosemary and sage to make the maranade for my chicken. Rinsed it off
put out fresh hummingbird nectur
took out the trash
Saw a Deer, it went behind John's camper on it's way to the lakeside. I made a little noise so it would be aware I was outside
I had a hummingbird scold me for not putting the food out sooner.
Put out fresh dry catfood for the cats, for today
changed clothes,
get out all my material, pick out some for Chemo Caps
meds and breakfast
played ball with Barney and Bro for a few minutes
water Garden
read some emails
walked the dogs
found my kindle, download books
moved the fan up from the back to the middle of the room.
Right now, it's 80 F and suppose to go up to 96 F... Hot. I let the dogs sit outside with me a few minutes but it was already getting to hot to sit outside. The cats were scolding me. One inside, because she was inside and one outside because he was outside. No pleasing a cat, I guess.
I picked some fresh herbs, and steeped them in some warmed up Orange Juice to make a marinade for tonight's Chicken. I'm going to cook it in the crockpot and well have to start it around noon, I think. Still need to saute some Onion and Garlic to go into the orange juice.
I had planned on washing some material this morning but now that's on hold since I see Momma D and Mike are working over at the laundry room. I don't want my washing a small load mess up anything she may be doing to get the washers working again.
I'll make a copy of the pattern today, and have it ready for when I do get the material washed and dried. Some of the material is cotton and one piece if flannel.
I filled the hummingbird feeder yesterday before we went out for breakfast. I had to refill it this morning and was scolded again, I guess I'm not keeping it filled enough for them
My garden is doing very well, considering how hot it has been. I've been trying to nip the ends of some of the plants so they grow out and not up. The sage loves it, not so sure if the tarragon is thriving because of that, or not just yet. Rosemary is  enjoying the attention and man does it smell wonderful when I sit on a step-stool and water all the plants.
This recipe is what has inspired me to make my own orange maraide for the chicken today. I don't have the cranberries and Jerry doesn't like them anyway. But the Orange and the spices and herbs blended together sound great together. at least to me they sound great.
Orange Ginger Chicken
1 fryer chicken, cut into parts, skinless (3 lbs)
1 tsp minced garlic
2 Tbsp grated fresh ginger root
1/4 cup orange juice
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp dried thyme
Lawry's seasoned pepper to taster
Spray grill with cooking oil spray. Preheat grill
Place chicken in shallow dish
Blend ginger, orange juice, garlic, olive oil, thyme, and seasoned pepper
in a small bowl.
Pour the mixture over the chicken
Set aside for 20 minutes
Drain chicken, reserving the marinade.
Grill on low for about 45 minutes. Turn every 10 minutes. Baste with
Cook until done
I really do need to spend more time on my own groups.  They all need attention. here is one of my groups.

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