Friday, June 22, 2012

Apothacary jars

Apothacary jars
How long did this take me.. 2 weeks more or less. I found the candle holders, jars and glass lid at a yard sale two weeks ago. The green marbles, last week at another yard sale. Finally found my E-6000 this morning, while cleaning out a drawer.
Time spent washing the glassware this morning. about 10 minutes total. Only because I am lazy and let them soak for a bit in the water. Allowing they to air dry on the stove top,, about 3 hours.
Glue up time. less than 5 minutes
I've seen this crafts on-line and at the flea market a few times. Now I wanted to try it out. I'm considering gluing some green and white marbles around the base of them, as well but not going to do that at this time. There are two green marbles in the hole the candle goes in, on the taller one. Just for some color. These will be gifts as I have no place to keep them or show them off (except on line of course)
The Supplies, Candle holders, found at a yard sale, Glass bowls found at same yard sale. Glass lid that isn't a good fit for either jar. Hum... will double check fit once all is good and dry.
I forgot to put the green marbles on the stovetop for the "supply" picture. These are not marbles for game playing. They are too small for that. Two just fit perfectly in the hole.
Ah, Here is a good picture of the smaller jar. I think the lid will go with this one.
I think this picture is too busy to really show them off.
"looking up" from under to show off that green. Excuse my skillets. They are well seasoned.
a GOOD picture of the larger jar. Now I'm waiting for the glue to dry
Another angle on the jars. Look at my messy counter. Ah well. House cleaning can wait when I'm in a creative mood.

Billie C.

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