Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, Morning

Hello !!
Whew.. 10:30 already ?  I took care of Jerry this morning, made his breakfast.. Walked the dogs. Did the dishes, then went back to bed. I was up by 8 am. Dressed, meds, breakfast of a fruit yogurt drink. Not thick enough to be a shake, not thin enough to be a drink. 
Took the dogs out again. Mike and John were on the front porch of the house, and we spoke together a few minutes. The dogs did fairly well, considering the kittens were in sight. John picked up one of the kittens and held it, the other hid in the holly shrub. I don't know of the prickly ness of the holly would have stopped the dogs if they had gotten away from me. But they did sit when I told them to, and for the most part, Behaved well.
We had the cats come with us to the edge of the woods, but when we got closer to the porch they stayed on the far side of the truck from the kittens. I don't think my cats like kittens all that much. Either that, or the Momma cat has taken them to task a couple of times. They were all under the table by the time we got back to the camper
Back to the house, I had set a few thing up to bring outside, before I took the dogs out.  Some Blue, Red and white garland, my insulated cup with iced water in it, along with a bit of lemon juice added to it. Some twine and scissors to put the garland up with.  I still haven't done that though. I got hot before I got to that.  I can put it up this evening when Jerry is home.
I transplanted the rest of the Aloe and the Hen and Chicks I picked up over the weekend. Put the impatiens on the table, out of the sun. I'll put them back on the hooks this evening before Jerry gets home. I'll need to wash off the table, anyway.
I moved the birdbath to over by my garden. All it's attracting is bugs. It fell over but nothing broke so I had to find a smoother place to set it. I switched the pots, as well.
I moved all our "stuff" back under the canopy from where we had it out, last night. Momma D was moving the other side of the driveway last night but stopped before she got to our side. I expect she may want to do our side and since I had already weed- eat around the door side of the camper she doesn't have to get that close to this side but will have to get close to the other side. I could have asked Will to do the weed-eating yesterday but I wanted to do it myself.
I need to make up more sugar water for the Hummingbird feeder. I filled it yesterday with 1 cup's worth and it's almost all gone. Jerry and I like to sit and watch them fight each other away from it, the watch as they sneak in to get a drink, the they are off to fight off any one else who wants to come in and get a drink. 
Yesterday, I had my back to the driveway and Jerry saw a Deer. At first he thought it was Bro. the large bulldog that belongs to the campground, but when he looked closer he said it was a deer. By the time I could turn around, it was gone. I know Momma D and Cindy will sit under the tree up on the first row, at Cindy's camper and watch the deer come down in the area where camper can park and they will browse, play and then go to the lake. Maybe tonight I can see it.
We are going to have Hot Dogs again tonight. (I'm not a fan of them, but Jerry loves them) I'm going to make Mac and Cheese for him, as well. I'll cut up a tomato, a Cucumber and a Green Pepper for our vegetables. I need to cut up some celery and carrots as well.  It's that time of year, when lettuce does not stay good for long, after it takes us 40 minutes to get home from the store, so the only time Ill be getting lettuce is when we eat out.
Speaking of Weather.  It's going to be hotter than it was yesterday. Suppose to be 95 F or so.  So yeah, I'll be in the middle of the camper by this afternoon. I still want to make some more rosette's to hang outside, so think that is what I'll be working on. I also need to cut out something to send to Beth, and she what she thinks about it. I sent off a box to her on Saturday, It should be there either today or tomorrow.
As I stepped outside to take a few pictures, A hummingbird scolded me for disturbing him.  Love It.
See the drums (barrels) in the background?  They make a noise when it warms up and when it cools down.  They are suppose to be turned into something we can burn in, sometime in the near future.  That Pile of Blue on the end of the table is the garland I want to put up around the edge of the canopy.
Lets see, I've said I need to work on a craft today. I need to read a chapter in a book I have borrowed,   Clean up the back of the camper. make the beds, and make the mac and cheese for dinner. Nothing special about that, to be sure.
Ah, you may want to know how I made my breakfast drink, this morning.
I took some dried fruit, dried cherry's, cranberries, blueberries, a couple of pieces of dried pineapple, and ran them through my smaller food processor. Note, pineapple rolled up into a ball when I did just the pineapple. making a sticky glob that I had to pull apart. Into my blender went about 1/2 a cup of the fruit. I cut up one medium sized banana and put that in the blender.  I put about 1 pint of home made yogurt in, the ran it on liquefy for 2 to 3 minutes.  I poured out a glassful for this morning and I'll have enough for tomorrow's breakfast, as well. I saved back enough yogurt to make more either tomorrow or Thursday..
I really do need to attend to my groups when I'm on-line. I thought I'd post at the bottom of my morning messages one group a day, starting with those I own, then those I moderate for, then those I'm just a member of, Starting today.

Billie C.
A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature
Ralph Waldo Emerson


jana said...

hey girl, how ya doing? just read your comment on the lettuce problem. i live where the lows are in the 80's and high's around 105. so what i do is get a cooler and put it in the trunk with a bag of ice in the bottom. then put all the stuff that needs to be cold will be till i get home. some times i'm out shopping for an hour or more. when i take them out of the cooler (with the lid on it)it's fine.jana

Mountainrose said...

We do use a cooler, Two really. One for meats and one for dairy and other. We had the same problem last year with the lettuce going bad quickly. It's only the lettuce, not the rest of the produce. Since there is little nutritional, it's more of an inconvience than anything else.

jana said...

i just thought about something, i only use iceberg head lettuce. what kind do you have the problem with? jana