Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer Fun. . .
Today, so far, has been good. Instead of going back to bed, after Jerry left for work, I stayed up. I decided to get out my Cricut and cut some paper. I picked up two new cutting mats over the weekend so I knew I would have a half way decent chance of getting something I wanted cut. I also picked up a Cart I saw that I wanted. It makes rosettes and I cut out enough red, white and blue to make one rosette. I haven't glued it together just yet, but it's cut and waiting for me.
I had to walk the dogs, take out the trash and talked to Momma D a minute. The air conditioning in their house has gone out. Seems to be a cooling problem not an electrical problem. The dogs did well, for our talking to each other. She has to pick up a window port for an room air conditioner she has in storage. I told her I wish I knew of a hardware store closer than Clarksville and she said there is one. It's in Tennessee Ridge. Now I know there's a Sav-a-lot in TR, but didn't know there was an ACE. Now I know.
Back to the camper after our walk, Took the trash to the curb. Then decided my "garden" needed some extra care this morning. I have one empty kitty litter tub left. So I cut the top off of it, poked a couple of holes near the bottom. Then went to work, putting potting soil around the flowers I already have growing, filling in the area the water has depressed when I water the flowers and the Elephant Ear.
After the Dogs accidentally broke the pot my PG onion was in the other day, I plucked it down into an empty plastic flower pot I had on the table. I repotted it into that splattered pot from my birdbath that I said didn't look right. I put the splattered saucer under it. I had to switch that saucer from under the cat nip with one I had painted white but didn't do anything else with.
I took most of what was left of the bag of potting soil and put into that kitty litter tub, watered it, then put in the last and watered again. I sprinkled Moss Rose seeds in all the flower pots and a whole pack into that last litter tub. Not sure how long it's going to take to see anything grow, I hope not too long.
The temperature was just right for doing garden work. Not too cool and not too hot (yet) by the time I was done though, I was glade to be going back inside.
I cleaned up the mess I made cutting papers, and cut some more. I am making Jerry's "Father's Day" card this year. All I have left to do is find a saying to go inside it. I may make up one of my own but I'm not sure yet. I have until Friday to finish that up.
Now, it's time to clean up again (not as messy this time) put it all away, and go wash my dishes. make the bed, sort the laundry, sweep the floors, pull something out for dinner, and walk the dogs again

Billie C.

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