Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good Thursday Morning

(John's last Kitten at home, the rest went to a farm)
Hello and Good Morning.  Another beautiful day ahead. Yesterday was so nice, that I spent most of the afternoon, working on another pot for my birdbath. I decided I didn't want to paint over the splattered one. I'll just use it somewhere else.  This morning, I sprayed clear coat on both the new pot and the larger saucer for the bird bath.  Today, I'm thinking of  getting my reading glasses out and reading how to use the resin I picked up last week at Hobby Lobby for some bottle cap ideas.  I want to get Dixie's done before she leaves. Which is going to be soon as she's been home for two days now. Yikes I have got to get her's done.
The last three weekends we have been in the campground (Not counting Memorial Day weekend) there has been "Drama".  I am hoping that it's now all over with.   Part of the troubles are the sewer problems here. They are being worked on but in the mean time some of the folks are being put out a bit by having to go to town to do laundry. Now, the closest town is Cumberland City, but there isn't a laundry mat there. The closest is in Erin, which is about 20 minutes from here because we have to either take back roads, or go East to Cumberland City, down a short road  to 49, the back West to get to Erin so it feels a bit like we are backtracking.  I don't mind going to the laundry mat, except that I have to wait for Jerry to take me, on his time off work. If we could use the laundry here, I could do it more when I want to use it. Early morning is best for me.
Well, here are some pictures that I have taken this week, so far.
That is Fuzzybutt with Macon close to the lakeside where I take the dogs to play and potty. I have a parade most mornings as all three cats will join us on that first morning walk.
And another of the dog and cats..
Barney is trying to get Macon to "Play" with him.
Rocky has spotted one of the cats in the weeds.
How the birdbath use to look...
How it looks now.
My "Garden" this morning. note the plant on the candle stand on the left. Yes, it's the splattered pot I had on the birdbath.


Billie C.

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