Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012
(not sure when I'll be able to send this in, No Internet this morning)
Good Morning. I hope you had a good night. We had fun last night. We went out for our usual dinner at Bubba's. He has a good, hand formed burger and other stuff. There was entertainment last night. Mychail Lee Alien was there. Never heard of him? ... neither had we. He was ok. Not bad, not great.  For "free" though, he was good. He was singing the older songs. Some we had even forgotten about. One of the ladies who we have seen in Bubba's before, got up and sang a couple of songs with him.  We stayed longer than usua,l just to hear more. There was a cover charge at the door if you were not eating. $3. That's not a bad charge either.  I was bemoaning just last week that, Here we are in Tennessee, known for Music, and we can't seem to find any place that has live music.  There were a few CD's at the register and I asked Jerry to get me one. Not so much that I want to hear more, but to support the singer. I know he worked hard to put together a good show. See how casual he's dressed?  He forgot about how traffic is in Clarksville and didn't have time to change. I thought he just fit right in and didn't need to dress up. (he is wearing shorts)
We are not going to be as hot today as we were yesterday but it's still going to be hot. expected high of 91.
I've walked the dogs to the woods, and I've watered my plants. They are all doing very well.
The Moss Rose is growing.. Can't wait for there to be flowers.
things I need to do today
I need to refill the hummingbird feeder it's almost empty
pick up the trash and bag it up for tomorrow's pick up
dishes, got a few that need washed up before the weekend starts
change sheets on the bed and make the beds
pick up socks from the floor and put into laundry, ready to wash
Things I want to do.
Cut more rosettes on the Cricut and put them together, to hang off the canopy
Read a bit
I need to trim my rosemary, think I'll make this up. Not sure what I'll use it for. but will be interesting to see how it tastes.

A rosemary flavored olive oil.
Heat 1 cup olive oil and 4 sprigs rosemary, let cool. Use in mashed potatoes or as dip for bread...

When I was watering my plants the cats were bugging me to put out some food.. Frisbee even came around bugging for food ) My cats were ok with his coming around, just don't get too close.

(10 am)
Made up the hummingbird food, let it cool then filled the feeder. I had one come right up to me while I was putting it on the curtain ring I hang it from. It scolded me, I guess because I wasn't finished hanging it yet. It then took of, I turned around and there were three at it. I think he (or she) went off and told it's friends I had just put out fresh food for them.

ran dish washing water, and did up the dishes. Need to put them away yet.
Washed the glass stuff we picked up at a yard sale that I'm going to glue together with some E-6000
made up the oil and rosemary
made up some tarragon vinegar
made up some Sage Vinegar
made up some Rosemary Vinegar
I may use them in marinades or in home made mayo. I use to make my own mayo, long ago. 

Billie C.

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