Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good Thursday Afternoon.

Good Thursday Afternoon.  Just an update of sorts.
Not a lot going on around here.  Well. Very nice weather. Jerry got off work a half hour early last night and came in the door just after i had cut up the potatoes and put them in the skillet so too late to eat out.. I fixed Chicken fingers in the roasting oven. Fried Potatoes for Jerry and fried Okra for me.  I fixed too many chicken fingers so the dogs each got a bite. Barney didn't get much of a bite as he nipped me getting his share. No more for Barney and he had to watch the other two get their bites. There wasn't many of the potatoes left so the dogs got those for breakfast, this morning.
My back has been acting up, I was ready to text Jerry asking that we eat out because I wasn't sure I could stand long enough to cook and make the salad. But, like I said, he came home early so I pushed myself to get it done and was then able to just sit down. This morning it feels a little better, I've taken Naproxin Sodium to help take the edge off of it.
Yesterday, I sat in the sun while the dogs were on leads I have out for them. Rocky ended up in the camper first because he shook off his collar.  That's ok cause it wasn't long after that the other two ended up inside as well Macon because he wouldn't stop barking at kids up on the hill, and Barney.. well just because the other two were in the camper.  It turned into a good day to use some spray paint. I need to pick up more this weekend though.  I sprayed the inside of two boxes white and the tops as well. I'm still debating what I'm going to do on the tops of the boxes and the sides.  I have some wood stain I may stain the sides and Modge Podge something to the tops. One is for spices and I would like to be able to carry it to our Annual CoHT meeting but now that I've painted it white, don't think it will work out as I wish.. I may purchase a herb and spice box that fits the impression better at a later date. I also read a little in a book I have on my kindle. I plan on reading outside again today.
I'm looking forward to this weekend. There's a chance that Jerry will be rained out on Saturday and we will then have two days to do everything in.  I'll still have to sort the laundry, change the sheets on the bed, and such stuff but we can do the laundry when we feel like it and not have to wait until the end of the day to do it. If he works, it will only be for 8 hours and we will still do the laundry on Saturday evening. Maybe this time, I'll remember to take my Kindle with me. Jerry is such a sweetheart.  When we do laundry,I put the tubs at the doorway and he will put them in the back of the van, walking through the mud to do so.  I'll put some things in laundry bags, (they take up much less room when empty) and he will carry them out as well. When we get to the laundry mat, He'll carry in almost all of it for me. I can get in two things by the time he's gotten in the rest. Then he'll go get me the quarters while I'm stuffing clothes into washers (I don't stuff the washers full) And he'll even put clothes in a washer for me, if I ask him to.  Then, he goes out to the van usually and turns on the radio. Here lately though, the music over at the car wash is soo loud that it drowns out what he wants to hear in the van, so he'll come back inside.  I'll transfer from the washers to the dryers and get them going.  I don't usually fold things there as the amount of time it takes can make my feet and back hurt.  I put the clothes back in the tubs and bags and Jerry puts them back in the van for me. When we get home, He'll carry it back in for me. If I ask for one at a time, he'll bring them in one at a time. Other times we bring int all in and get that over with. I sit on one bed and the tub goes on the other bed and I fold them and put them away in the drawers under the beds. With the new mattresses, I need help in changing the sheets on them. I can do it by myself but why when he can help me lift each one. This week I'm going to put on the brown sheets we picked up as our second set.
Plans for Sunday are not too thought out of as of yet.  Jerry said he wants to replacea tire on the van at Firestone where we got the last tire. It's next door to Golden Corral.  We will drop off the van, then go eat breakfast, then come back and wait on the van. I'll take my Kindle with me this time. And my MP3 player. I want to stop off at Books a Million, and see if the newest issue of two magazines are out yet.  I expect that it will be a bit noisy around here during the game as many of the people here watch football. Of course I've not talked to Momma D just yet to see how many are expected over and if there will be fireworks again.  If not too many, then if they are outside I may walk over for a bit.  Will walk the dogs behind the camper as I do after dark most of the time anyway now. and if there are fireworks, I'll put Macon in a kennel. He panics with the noise. Oh, I just talked to Mike and yes there will be people over to watch the game. No on thefireworks.. He was burning off some trash out front. Hey.. Macon didn't bark while we were talking.. .yea !!l

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