Monday, February 6, 2012

For Today... Feb 5, 2012

Good Morning, and Hello.
Did you have a good weekend, we did. We went out for Dinner on Saturday evening... and didn't feel like doing the laundry. We put it off until Sunday. We ate Breakfast in Clarksville, then drove around a bit. Went to Dickson, expecting the flea market to be open.. Boohoo. no one there. But we did stop at Game Stop and Jerry picked up two games. We "explored" on our way back home (took a wrong turn) So we decied that, since there are two ways to get home by, which ever we came out of was what we would do first, Laundry or shopping.  It was laundry. Home to take it out of the van and let the dog go potty, Back in the van... It was too early to eat dinner when we left the house but we didnt want to shop first then eat dinner and we didnt want to leave the house again once we got back home , So We  heaaded back to Clarksville,. (yeah too time to the "big" town in the same day) to wonder around a bit. We found a road we heard of but didn't know much about . Found all sorts of "places" to go back to, on any day but Sunday since those were all closed on Sunday.  The walmart we found is HUGE on that side of town, and crowded. We didn't stop.  We ended up back on Wilma Rudolph Road.  Do you know who Wilma is?
We ate dinner at "The Harbor" It was a bit more pricy that we usually spend on dinner out but OOhhhh was it worth it. Jerry got the Turkey Sandwich and it was a triple decker. Lots of curly fries on his plate he ordered seperatly as well as the fries with his sandwich. I had the special of the day, Grilled Salmon with Sauteed Sprimp.  Salad and Grilled Aspergus.  Oh Man.... it was worth every cent !! Jerry not only left Cord a nice tip he asked that the cook be given a tip, as well. (Jerry rarely leaves a cook a tip)  But it was just that good.
After dinner it was back to the Hilltop to so the food shopping.  Could sure tell people did their shopping early. No green peppers or cucumbers were left. The tomatoes were picked over but I did find two that looked good. There were only a few Bananas left and they were not looking soo good to me. (didn't get any) We didn't pick up a lot of things we usually pick up and we picked up things we don't usually get and we spent less money than usual.  Go figure.  I told Jerry, we are not buying meat next week. I need to empty the freezer! 
When we were in Clarksville in the morning I asked Jerry to pick up a couple of pairs of jean for him. He's "lost" three pair to my scissors this past week (I get his jeans when he's worn out the pockets or they get ripped. I picked up a pack of 5 T-shirts and some paints to decorat them up, for me.  I found some sealer on sale as well as a couple of clips that I can put on the end of leads to make getting the dogs clipped outside faster.
Outside my door ...  The sun just came out We woke up to mist and clouds.. Today is suppose to be at least partly sunny and a high in the mid to upper 50's.. We will be back closer to "normal" winter weather by this next weekend.
The Dogs ... Rocky and Macon have been picked on by Barney. Barney loves to play and Rocky just acts like he's too old to play. But. he'll get the rope toy so Barney can steal it from him, then the race is on.; While the weather is still good, I'll take a ball out with us in the afternoon, and let them chase the ball a few times before we get back to the camper. As long as there isn't a lot of people here, and I don't see anyone out.. we can play like that.
The Cats ... love sitting in the back window watching for birds or other cats. Smokey had been pestering Rocky. If they are out and Rocky is trying to move, Smokey is under his chin. rubbing all over him. So funny to watch Rocky trying to get around the cat.
From the kitchen... Today will be a roast in the crockpot. I'll set it up around noon. Three to four potatoes, a can of Green beans, A few Carrot slices and the roast. A Salad and the meal is complete.
I am hearing... Rachael Ray is on. I had the news on before and to be honest, i don't recall much of want the news was about this morning. ho hum.
I am wearing... Grey pants and a printed top
I am reading... I downloaded about 40 books for the kindle, now I need to pick one to read.

Billie C.

"Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."

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