Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 31, 2012

It's been a while since I've just sat and written a note of any sort.  Just not a lot going on around here outside of some warm weather. I spent a bit of yesterday afternoon, just sitting on the step into the camper, enjoying the sun and 60­­­­°F.  The dogs had a blast. I took a ball out with us on the afternoon walk and let Macon and Barney chase it a few times.  I had the door opened and the vents opened from around 11 am until 4 pm.  It was nice and bright and feels more like April than the last couple of days of January.
I kept dinner simple last night.  Beef Brats, Mac and Cheese, and a large salad. I'm not sure what I'll fix for dinner tonight. I know that I want to make a pot of pinto beans sometime this week. We picked up Corn Dogs and I think I'll fix some of those for dinner.  But what to put with those?  of course salad.  It's either rice or noodles... and we had noodles last night. But Jerry is ok with noodles two times in a row. Mac and Cheese is one of his favorite dishes. Straight from the box, fixed as per directions. Don't add anything to it.   I'm not sure if I'll fix a dessert or not. I have some chocolate chip cookies that need to be baked, in the freezer.
I got the back of the camper cleaned up yesterday, as well as the dishes done.  I have been working slowly but steady on things in here. I'm still working on my list of things to make/craft, as well.  Hum... if I don't fall asleep this afternoon, I may spray paint a wood box I have, that I want to decorate.  Once it's painted, I can then use some modge podge and put some pictures on it.  I have yet to pick out the pictures I want on it. I have two boxes to paint, really.  I just need to remember I want to paint them.
I'm almost dreading March.  We had so little cold and snow for Janurary that I'm thinking March is going to hit us hard with weather. Last time we had a mild Jan, March was a real Lion all month long.
Not much going on at the job, As much as Jerry can tell me, anyway.  He's not suppose to tell me anything at all about his job.
Rent is due on the 30th here. I didn't get it paid, because Momma D and every one else were gone all day long. I'll have to keep my wallet close so if I find her today, I can pay her. Hate being a day late. I know they like to sleep in, in the mornings so afternoon is the best time to catch her. By the time I walked the dogs yesterday at 10 am, they were all gone. The truck, car and Suv were all gone.  and up until I took the dogs out for last walks, they were still gone. I hope to catch her today.
I left my Elephant Ear plant outside overnight. I'm sure it's just fine since here it is, almost 5 am, and it's 51 according to the Weather Channel on my Desk top. I'll take some water out when I walk the dogs after the sun come up. I'm just not sure how I'm going to keep the cats from trying to eat it.
I have a large box that Jerry's boots came in and I want to fix it up with some things for Bailey for her birthday. We hope to go see Heather and the family. Bailey's Brithday is the 16th.  I just wish I knew if the party is the weekend before or after. I am thinking after since it's closer to the day.
Just got back in from walking the dogs and paying the rent. Momma D isn't feeling very well, She's still in her PJ's, even.. I know, I'm a day late but she's not worried about us paying our lot rent. She said she spent most of yesterday evening up on the upper level getting the money from those up there.. Um.. I think there are 5 up there. 5 on our level and two on the lower level.  Found out that if we have to pay by the week it goes by what day we start paying on. Works for us. Hopefully we won't have to pay by the week in March.   It's so nice to walk outside.  We have a chance of rain tomorrow. (again) We talked about all the rain.. I did remind Momma D that it would be much better having the rain than for it to be snow.. if we had snow instead of rain, we would be to our underarms in snow (we both are rather short, I'm 5.3 and she's shorter than I am)  The clouds are coming in and it's getting dark and dreary.  That effects mood, for sure, but I will spend some more time outside here in a bit.
Outside my door ... (5am) Still dark so I don't know how cloudy it is. I didn't notice while I took the dogs out while Jerry was eating his breakfast.
We now have clouds but it's still nice enough outside to walk with just a t-shirt on. No jacket needed at all. Just wish my back would stop aching long enough for a longer walk. It's getting windier, so I have to leave the door closed. Otherwise the wind catches it and slams shut, making a loud noise. The man next door sleeps days and works nights.
The Dogs ... .(5 am) Barney's eyes glow blue in the flash light I use while taking the dogs out in the morning.  It's a very eery to see these two blue glowing spots going all over the place. I've been calling Barney the energy bunny puppy.  He's every where when we go out and he's not on a line. and sounds so funny while he's running, almost like a train chugging along.. huff, huff, huff... HUFF  HUFF  huff huff.  As much as I rant and rave about dogs not on a line, I let him run, but if more people move in, I'll have to start keeping him on a line when we go out in the mornings and have to find a differnt way for him to get out some of that energy. I know I can put two to three leads end ot end and let him chase a ball that way. Which I am considering doing anyway. He's getting much better of dropping what ever he's doing and coming when I call his name. Must be, he likes the treat I have in my pockets for him.
Enjoyed the mid-day walk. I tried to find one of the balls but since I didn't find one, they just had to put up with just walking instead of playing. I'll look for the one I want before we go out next time. I want one that will bounce  a bit.  They did a lot of looking around, but they sure didn't want to walk much.

The Cats ... .(5am) Are now sleeping on the beds, for now. They were begging to come out of the kennel while Jerry was still here and I won't let them out until after he leaves for work so we can open the door and not worry about one of them getting out. They want out, but once they are out, they want back in. (1pm) .They are out of the kennel right now.  looking for something to get into, I'm sure.
From the kitchen... .Jerry's breakfast was Remain Soup, boiled, drained off all but a bit of the water, which I put into a tall bowl, addi in the seasoning pack, drain the noodles, put them in the seasoned water. Fry up two eggs for him, and two sausage patties. He'll get out 4 slices of bread to eat with his eggs, soup and sausage. Since he's not been eating any sort of lunch, that's all he'll eat until he gets home at night. I'll cook up a nice meal and before he's even done with what I have cooked, will be eating chips or Chex mix or some other snack food. I know I'm making enough to eat, but it just feels like I'm lacking if he's finding the need to snack right after eating dinner.
Corn dogs for dinner, for sure, now.  Thinking of what to go with them, though. Salad for sure. May not even fix anything else since they are coated with a starchy coating
I am hearing... ..(5am)  The Morning news is on.  and I hear the heater in the bathroom on.
The View is on.  some of the things they think of to talk about.. geese. 

I am wearing... .(5am)  My blue house dress, and shoes.
Black sweat pants, white t-shirt
I am reading... .I'm still reading one chapter a day in the Bible. I restarted since I've fallen so behind that its easier to start over than try to figure out where I left off at. I have several recipe books on my Kindle. I've been reading a couple of books as well. "Understood Besty" (A childhood favorite) and "Covered Wagon". I started an Amish story last night, as well... "Amish Forever, The Stranger Vol 1."  Two to three times a day, I'll check Amazon's free books for anything new in cookbooks and general reading. Some are only "free" a few hours.
 Read Genises 19. Have been reading a bit in Amish Forever, The Stranger.
Reading lots of emails.

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