Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm feeling better, after a night of cough and hacking. I think I have all the junk out of my lungs now. Feels like it. My head isn't as stuffy either. I'm still coughing, but I think even that will stop something today. 
Jerry gets one day a week off work. and that is the only day I get to get out and do some shopping. I asked him , if I could get a Cricut.  At $249. It's expensive.  He said yes. He got a DS and later picked up a MP3 player, He's not happy with the MP3 player as he's struggling to get music on it.Until he gets it figured out, I'm not opening the one he got me.
The weather was wonderful and I can't wait to see how todays weather is suppose to be. (Morning News is just now coming on)
I was so frustrated yesterday. I "lost" the cutting tool for my new Cricut. It was stuck to the bottom of a bag. Finally found it. Got it all together and was able to cut out a few things. Now I need to get the smaller mat, it's that or larger paper. I will watch the DVD that came with it today, and find how to cut materail with it. I know it can be done, I just have to figure out "how". I picked up a roll of vinel to use with it, as well. I want to put some sort of saying above the window opposit the doorway.
 I was going to let Barney chase the ball yesterday, he had other ideas. So he's on restrictions for now. I "own" the man across the driveway some catfood for his cat. Next time I want Barney to play ball, I'll just tye all three long leads together, that will be close to 60 foot of line.
The cats are pushing it this morning. They are allowed out to potty while I take the dogs out, and for longer as long as they stay out of stuff.. they are not.  I've told them "Kennel" three times now. One more time, and I'll have to put them all back in for a while.
Once I see the weather, I'll know if I can put the Elephant Ear outside or not. Hope to. As long as it's no lower than the 40's at night, it can go out. I noticed when I took the dogs out a bit ago that the tree out back is starting to bud. I may try to do a photo a day of it, if I remember.
It was warm enough this morning that I just needed a sweat shrit on, to take the dogs out (4am) Yesterday, I needed that coat,....
According to the weather it's 46 in Erin, which is just down the road from here. May have some clouds tonight and a chance of rain tomorrow night but should be out of here by mid day Wendsday. A high of about 64 today (average) With mid week in the lower 70's. Looks like the Civil War Re-enactors are going to have a great weekend next weekend.. Sure, Jerry has to work. I sure hope he still has Sunday off, since we would like to go, even if it does cost $10 apiece to attend. Any more, that's considered cheep !! I'll be getting out the shorts this week, from looks of things.  "Yes!" I can put the Elephant Ear outside this week. Won't have to worry about it until Saturday Evening and even that looks warm enough to not do any harm with the low expected to be in the upper 30's.
Looks like a great day to fix the roast I picked up at the store. Will fix that, and bake some potatoes, fix a salad and make a dessert of pudding. That is, after I do a major cleaing up in here. That has to start in the back. I have a couple of shelfs on my side in the back that, once straighted out may give me room to put at least half of the craft stuff I have piled up here by my side of the couch.  I want to take out the old printer, That will give me more room, as well.  I need to update my list of things to make or craft and work on it. I knew that the Cricut would take room but I didn't figure on how long it is. I will have to work on a way to use it when I need it and to have more than just one project to work on, most of the time.  But I'll do some experementaion and see just what else I can do with it.I picked up tshirt that will fit the Grand kids and want to do some "fancy" work on them. Not sure how I'll Fancy up Corbin's shirts. I may have to find camo colors for his shirts and figure out how to do some of that on his. Once idea I have is an American Hero type shirt. Girls are so much easier to do. Flowers, butterflies and horses. Not that I have a horse stencil (yet)
I am reading... a Kendal book on how to publish your own cookbook. Intresting to say the least.  Oh yeah. I know your "reading" this Now. but I won't have internet for a couple of days. My time ran out over the weekend and I need new access numbers for us. I'll try to pick them up today (Monday) but by mid week at the latest since that is when the lot rent is due.
I am thinking... I really need to do Spring cleaning in here. I have to wait for Jerry to fix the shelf over the TV for the Satilight reciever and his gaming system. that will clear up some more room for me, as well. I need to trim the materal off of a couple of pairs of Jeans and cut up some old t-shirts for rags. Mend a pair of sweatpants around the pocket were it's pulled apart. I want to make me a set of pockets (again) and oh.. there is soo much more to work on.
I am thankful for... the ability to do crafts and think up things I want to do.
I almost missed the trash.  I talked to Momma D and found out the internet has been out for two days. (yeah, I knew this) but it's good to know she knows it, cause she gets so busy she can't get on-line for days.  She's in hopes that it will be fixable via the router and not have to have someone get out here. Some people are already upset cause they pay their bills on-line and they can't do that, right now. She wondered if the wind we had is what took out the Wifi. She can get on-line with her ethernet cord but not through wifi. So we know the system is "up".
I forgot to tell you.... I fell Saturday. I wasn't hurt much, but I was cussing up a blue streak!  I was taking the laundry out so Jerry could put it in the van when he got home, We have two long boards to walkin on, when it rains a lot. I didn't think much except that my tub bottoms would stay cleaner if I place it on the end of the board. I forgot about the tetter-totter effect, the weight on the other end raised up the edge of this end and my toe caught and down I went.  I skinned my left knee a bit, and it's still a bit swollen up today, soreish, Nothing broken but my pride.  I usually fall 2 to 3 times each winter.  When I saw Mike fall out his door a few days ago, I figured I was soon going to take a tumbel, and I did. The man across the way saw me go down and came running to see if I needed any help. I told him, I apprecated his coming over, but he was out of breath and I also said he didn't have to run.  Ha ha.

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