Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20

Good Morning, and Hello.  Jerry got rained out yesterday and we spent most of the time just hanging out together. I was asleep when he got back home and he let me sleep until 9 am. I don't usually go back to bed in the mornings, unitl after Tom, next door, leaves for work. I know my dogs are going to bark while he's taking his dogs out and getting his truck warmed up to go to work so no sense in going back until he's gone.
We have been wanting to try Hugh's net. We stopped where he ordered up our satilight dish and asked about the details of Hugh's next.  For under $50 a month we could lease a dish and have it set in the yard and have a good amount of downloads. I can't remember the amount but it's a lot. We had it all set up, went to Wal-Mart to put money on the card and pick up a wifi router and then back to the campground since we couldn't get ahold of the owners while we were out, to ask if we could have a pole set in the ground.. Um. no. rather not.  Ok. So Jerry called back and explained that the land lord said no. He'll take the router back this evening after work, and pick up a crock pot (if he remembers)  The one I want is just a bit over $20. I want/ need the middle sized one. The smaller crock isn't large enough for the two of us. I like to bake potatoes in a crock pot and the smaller one is not large enough to do that.
We Just sat around all afternoon, until I got so sleepy that I went back to bed. It seems that all I did yesterday was sleep. Jerry woke me up about 6pm.  We decided to go out to eat. We went to Bubba's. We both had the double cheese burger, I had the salad as a side and Jerry had tots. We ordered the mega cheese fries and the Pepper and Ranch dressing were suppose to be on the side. they were on the fries and Jerry did not want them like that. I told the gal to just have a 1/2 order made with just the cheese for him and be sure we got billed cause I was going to take the part I didn't eat, home with me and have them for lunch today. That and a piece of chicken left over from a couple of nights ago will make me a full lunch.
We forgot about Dancing with the stars. To be honest, I don't think Jerry wants to watch it this year anyway. We ended up watching Antuqies Road show. We both like that show.
I discovered that the Clarkesville Wal-Mart has brought back the Fabric Department.  Wow and Whoopie !!  I bought two patterns and enough fabric to make 4 baby dresses and a pair of scrub pants for me. I'll have to sew by hand. I just want to see if I can make a pair of pants that are comfortable for me. As much as I like the comfort of mens sweat pants, there are times I want something a bit different, or more colorful. The material I picked out is lots of flowers and I got enough to make Baby Heather a dress from that as well as a purple plaid and a purple cloud like materail for a baby dress and rompers. I have a small sewing machine with me but dont' have the power cord. I may see what size battries it takes and ask Jerry to pick up a charger and battres instead and use that for the long seams. I still need to finish up the blanket I'm making, as well.  Friday is Beth's birthday and I put a card in the mail to her, this morning while I took the dogs out for their second time out, first walk. First time out was just a "P" outing behind the camper. Bet that drove Tom's dogs crazy for a few mintues covering where my two had been.
It's really cloudy out and I've half expected Jerry to call and say he's been rained out again today. But then again. He's asked to take the Test again and hopefully he's doing that today. it would mean a raise in pay and in the per diem. When I looked out at 8 am, I thought it was just past 6 am.. it's that dark. It was drizzling when I walked the dogs, not that I noticed that much since I had wet hair from taking a shower this morning. I really need to get a hair dryer this year, before it get too cold.
The cats are doing well. They continue to tease the dogs. Stripes and Fuzzybutt like to walk right by Rocky when he's walking and try to rub under his chin, while he's walking. I've caught both giving him a massage if they are in the kennel with him. And he loves that from them. We have "Hunters".. bug hunters that is.. I've found at least 4 dead large roaches  from where the cats have killed them.  I think the roaches are coming into my camper in the pet food we buy. If I can prove it, I'm going to talk to Dollar General about it. These are the large, German Roaches. I'm going to have to put bait down for them. I first have to be sure that if the roaches eat the bait then the cats catch a roach that it won't hurt my cats.
Today, I'm fixing boneless pork chops. I'm going to maranate in some Oil Based salad dressing. I'm going to "doctor" the dressing with a bit more garlic and onion this time.  if the weather clears off, I'll cook outside, if not then I'll have to find a place for the table top oven and bake them inside.
I have the T.V. on and Rachel Ray is on. President Carter is on, today. I am glade to see that school lunches are being improved but I'm afraid that my own Grandkids will not eat most of what is served. They both just don't want to eat vegetables. I have the door open and, at times, I can hear the birds outside, singing. Every once in a while I can hear either ducks or geese that are near the lake. And with that, come a shot gun as well. Not sure if they are really getting the fowl, or just trying to get them.
Today, I'm wearing shorts, Our temparture is to be around 73 today and that's warm enough. soon enough I'll not be able to be in shorts and will have to find a place to store them. I tried in the space behind the drawers last years and was not happy with that. it's not a lot of space, but When I pulled the clothes out they had a smell to them and I'm afraid they may mold if they get damp back there. The only bad thing about living full time in a camper is the lack of long term storage space.
I'm still reading Eragon. Tom saw I was reading it, the other day and we stood talking about Sci Fi books when he should have been walking his dogs. Bob, from the other end, came up and asked if Tom had walked his dogs yet so Bob and his family could take their dogs out. Ooops.  I did tell Bob that I try to walk my dogs before Tom and all the other's who work get home so that we don't have any conflicts. He seems happy with that. I did also explain that I do have to take my dogs out between 8 and 9 at night for their last walk so we don't have to go out too early in the morning. Jerry is the first out of here, He likes parking close to the door and would rather miss an hours worth of sleep to get that closer parking space. he goes to bed between 8 and 9 most the time, now. Where I still like to stay up until the weather has been on the nigh time news.
I've got to clean up the camper today, It's not a mess but if I let it go much longer, it will be. So, I'll be reading emails off and on as I get the camper done. Next to do, is make the beds. I got the dishes done already.
One of my favorite things... A cup of coffee in the morning.
A few plans for the rest of the week... keeping the camper clean, a bit of laundry and sewing up baby dresses.

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jana said...

we used to live full time in a camper several years ago to. i know what you mean about no space to store things. tell you what i did, you know those plastic bags you put things into and suck the air out? that;s what i used. they fit under and behind dressers and tight places. don't get that musty odor either. only thing that worked for me. maybe you should try it. jana