Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12 2011

Good Afternoon...  I meant to write this morning but the day got away from me quickly. The internet here is very slow. A bit faster than dial-up but not by a whole lot.  AS I was walking the dogs this morning, in the fog. it occured to me just how wonderful it is to be back out in the country again. It was so quiet, I could hear the ducks on the water across the lake. It was just getting foggy when Jerry left at 4 am. (yes, that's EARLY) I took the dogs out to at least pee since they had gotten a bit hyper while he was getting ready for work. They both peed but didn't do "the other".  Once I got my shower out of the way, and my hair brushed, I took them out again (after 9am) and Wow.. I didn't realize just how many spiders are living in the area I take the dogs to poop at. There were bejeweled webs everywhere. How I regreted that I didn't take my camera with me. Those in the trees were just huge and covered in little dew drops. Those along the ground were just like small nets, waiting for a bug to trap. Etiher we have lots and lots of spiders, or we have one very hungry spider out there. I'll try harder to remember my camera next time it's that foggy out and just after the Sun come up and starts to dry the grass.
I had most of the daily stuff done by 10 am, when the Dish man showed up. In less that 40 minutes he had it installed and I was watching tv.  I was watching my soap, when Beth called. I havn't seen it in almost 3 weeks and . .. well daughters are much more important than a soap show is. I'll look up, on line , in a while what all I missed. I really didn't keep up cause it takes so long for the page to load (slow internet,)
While the man was here, the dogs were in Kennels and the cats were in with Rocky. He was a bit surprised that there were 4 cats in with the dog and asked how well they get along. I explained that we got the cats as very young kittens and he's always been good with cats. Even with a "stranger" in the house, they did good. Of course they barked, but not for long and not as loud as they can be.
Jerry has asked for spegettie and meatballs for dinner. Since I no longer have the crockpot. I'll have to cook in a couple of pans. I told him that, tomorrow, we may well end up with sandwiches and chips cause it's going to be in the low 90's according the Weather Channel. I sure hope not, but I can't do anything about it. 
Oh.. Jerry did pick up a fire pit and he said he'd set it up tonight.  If it turns out as hot as I think it is, but if it starts to cool off before he gets off work, I could start a fire and we could have hotdogs cooked over the fire.  He said there's no grill with it.  It's not the one we were looking at. Walmart only had two left and both were damanged. He got the next size up, instead.  I told him, this next weekend, we can check at Lowe's and Home Depot for a grill that may fit on top, over the fire. I said we may want some jack chain and suspend it over the fire instead of laying above the fire. of course that depends on the size we get, as well.
There is a camper with a fireplace,  I want to take a picture of. it looks like it has some of the stuff used at the camfires at the CoHT annual meetings. I would love to know where he picked up his hooks and stuff.
 Today is a "shorts" day. tomorrow will be as well. I have on a stained t-shirt. as well. I can get it damp with a spray bottle while I'm sitting under the fan and cool off a bit. All the animals are laying around in here, with me. Not close to me, but close enough that they can feel the air conditioner and the fan.
I have been reading emails. I really should read a chapter in a "real" book. I really want to finish Eragon and then start the new Auel book I picked up a week ago.
Billie C

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