Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011

Good Morning...  Ah.. I spoke to Tom and he said the cheesecake filling that he gave me, was ready to eat and didn't need to be bakes. He did like my idea of making a Graham Cracker crust for it and he said he may try that next time he makes it. I  had a small bowl of the Cheese cake filling for my lunch yesterday. He does good. I hope to make cookies soon and I'll return his container with some cookies in it.   Every time he lets his dogs out, them come visit. Yesterday, we had the door open and his dogs (3 of them) came running around the corner and the Cats went crazy. they all headed to the bathroom, and the dogs headed back to Tom, quick. Of couirse, for the next 1/2 hour, the cats were dashing to the door to look out and see if those dogs were back or not. Smokey would stand up on his back feet and peer around the corner of the door, to look out. He looked a lot like a MeerCat trying to see if they were out there, or not.  Our dogs "Met" the owner's larger dog, again. He came running to say "Hi" and I had a time of it holding my dogs but they did have a good meet. No growling or jumping or trying to hump each other. And once they touched nose to nose, he went on his way and I was finally able to convience our dogs that they were outside for a reason.
Jerry got rained out, yesterday.. and we can sure tell ther's a few miles between where he works and where he lives. We had a litte drizzle, maybe. and he said it was pouring when he got to work.  The supervisor's decided to send the fellows home but they all stayed. I'm thinking they were going to have a meeting anyway. Jerry and I decided to go check out a Furnature mart that is close by. The first time we got there, it wasn't open yet. A truck was waiting for the gate to open. So, we went to Erin, Then decided to follow a road and we ended up in Dover, and found a short cut from Dover back to the campground. We went back to the Furnture place and found out that the loveseat we like, is just over $1,000.  For Brand new, just out of the box, that's not bad. We just don't have that, right now. We were just price shopping anyway and now we know what High End is going to cost us. And this place really isn't that High End either.  We really had no idea what the price was going to be and she was understanding that we were just looking. I got her card and if we do come up with the money for a good replacement for this thing we sit on, we may go back. I am not wanting to have something from Goodwill or Salvation Army unless we just have to.
We started out, going to go to Walmart for a fire pit,, then changed our minds and Jerry can pick up one either this evening or on Friday. Would love to have it "now". but I can wait if we need to. and I'll leave that up to him to decide if he wants to pick one up after work or just wait until he has to go to walmart... We paid the Van off. Another trip to Tuscaloosa is in order, now.  They don't send the titles out in the mail. Too many have gotten lost, so we will just have to go pick it up.  That's ok, cause I want to pick up everything in storage and put in a storage unit closer to where we live, soon. I had hoped we would do that over the labor day weekend. But we didn't go anywhere. As I said we started off headed toward Clarkesville, and ended up back in Erin. We took a side road to see where it would lead.  We stopped in at the Piggly Wiggly and bought some lunch meat, tomoatoes and dish soap.  I have yet to find the kind I use, at Food Lion. we want to also check out the Hilltop grocery this week before we decide where we want to do all our shopping at each week. The produce at Food Lion just isn't that good, for the price we are having to pay for it.  While we were in Erin, We stopped at Dollar General and I picked up dog food and two short Shephard's hooks that I wanted. I want 2 more, and they will just have to wait until next time I get there.
Today's high is suppose to be in the low 60's. Wonderful, perfect weather for walking and I plan on doing a lot of that today. I plan on taking my camera with me when we walk today.  We have a slight chance of drizzle, but I doubt we will get much. I'll put the cover on the frame this morning so we can sit out this evening.
 I took the dogs for their regular walk at 5 pm and when we got back, Jerry was making our dinner. We had cube steak, Mashed potatoes and salad. He ate a packet of Graham Crackers, as well.   Today, I'll end up making Salad, and fixing hamburger helper. I might open a can of peas to add to the helper. but then again. maybe not. I am thinking of making some fresh rolls, as well. Here in a bit, I'm going to open all the windows and vents and the door so this place can air out. I'll have to wear pants again today, but that's ok cause I want to walk along that road again but have to wait until after the sun is full up.  I wanted to read while doing laundry yesterday and we never got over to the laundry room. That's what I have to work on, today.  We don't know, but expect that Jerry will have to work this Saturday to make up not only Labor Day, but the rain out of yesterday as well. I'll have to see if Jerry left the wire we bought over the weekend here, so I can set up a couple of oil lamps out on my hooks we just got. I think it's still in the van so will have to wait until he gets home before i can work on that.

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