Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For Today... Sept 14, 2011

Good Afternoon. It's nice and quiet here, for the most part. Some times I hear a dog bark, or a siren, or someone driving past on the road, but for the most part, quiet.
Outside my door ... We have been having clouds building up all day long.  We have a good chance of rain this late afternoon and night. I love it cause that will break the heat, again. I've had enough of the 80's, thank you. I'm ready for at least 4 weeks of 70's. May not get 4 weeks but I would love it.
The Dogs ...  Have been barking at any noise they hear, since I opened up the doors and windows. Which sets off the dogs next door, as well.  Good thing I'm just about the only one here during the day. I need to take the dogs out soon as I send this out, so I better hurry or we wlll be getting wet.
The Cats ...  Have setteled down. No longer running and jumping "ON" me. Oh they still run, but the avoid jumping on me. As soon as I get this sent, I'll feed the cats so they will go in to the kennels so I can walk the dogs.
From the kitchen... chicken. I'm going to use the other half of the Ranch Dressing mix in some flour on the chicken. Since it looks more like rain, instead of baking in the oven, I may just use a little oil and fry in a skillet intead. I'll also fry up some cut up potatoes as well. Jerry will love that,
I am hearing...  The T.V. We had a problem with it, yesterday. Said we were only getting a partial signel.. Well I called, Jerry called and neither one of us got a call back.. Um.. it was fine up until 4pm.  When it was installed. the man put our T.V. on top of the reciever. I asked him since all the vents are on top if it was going to over heat or not. He said no. There's plenty of vents on the sides and bottom as well.  Jerry took it out from under the T.V. , put it on our printer (that isn't working again) and it cooled off and is working like it should, again. If/when I get the call back. I'm going to say something about how the man said it was going to be ok, and it wasn't ok.
I am wearing... Grey cut off sweat pant shorts. My Pooh shirt, Thin Socks and red Crocks that are getting very, very thin.
I am reading... emails

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jana said...

sometimes when i click on your blog in my favorites, it tells me your blog is having issues. did you know that?