Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011

Good Morning... Today is the last offical day of the Summer of 2011.
I'm staying up today. And if I still feel better than I did yesterday, Will work harder at staying up each morning. So far, so good. Although I have to admit. Coffee really helps and in mid summer it's just too hot to have hot coffee around much.  Momma D mowed  in our area yesterday. She has a system but I'm not sure just what it is. But the people here are very good at keeping the grass mowed in most of the areas. Yesterday was so dark and gray all day long that today's sunshine is a blessing. It's so nice and bright outside now. while I was walking the dogs I was able to "see" the spider webs in the trees. Luckly none are where I walk at. Our high today is suppose to be around 80. It it's anything like yesterday, I'll have to close all the vents and windows and turn on the air for a bit this afternoon. (yucky). One nice thing about staying up is I get most of the daily chores down before 8 am. The beds made, the bathroom gone over, and the dishes done. I took the dogs out for a "P" walk at 4:30. I almost forgot about it. Luckly I noticed that Tom wasn't making much noise yet so was able to get my two out and back in before he had to walk his two. About 8:30, the new people who came in yesterday were out walking a large, black dog. On a nice long leash.  I love it when I see other's using a leash. I will admit that this morning I tried something a bit different with our dogs. I tied the ends of the leashes together while we were at the very back field and let them go. Macon is very good at coming when I call him and he's stronger than Rocky. Although I didn't have to call them, it's nice to know that it will work to give them a bit more freedom when we are in the very back, as long as I'm watching out for other dogs while we are there.  They enjoyed the added controled freedom this morning. It isn't something we will do each time we are out, though.
The cats are having fun running close to me then dashing back to the bathroom as I'm squirting them with water.. Oh wait. two just got put into a kennel. One went in on her own and Stripes is in trouble with me. I have a box on me bed and another folded up piece of cardboard on top of that and he just pushed off the cardboard to see what's in the box. It's the material I bought to make baby dresses with. I forgot to see what size battries I'll need but I can pin and cut out today, and when Jerry calls, on his way home, I can ask him to pick up battries.
I took Chicken out of the freezer as well as pork chops for tomorrow's meal. which ever one is thawed is the one I'll fix tonight. But I'm fairly sure it's going to be the chicken strips. I crush up some crackers, add some seasonings to them, and roll the chicken in the crackers before putting in the oven to bake. If I have to use the air though, I'll use a little oil in the skillet and just pan fry instead.
There are now three cats in the kennel. Tupelo was on the bathroom counter (she's allowed there) and pushed the bottle of bleach I have on the back of it, into the sink. The only cat not in trouble right now, is Smokey and he's usuall the first in trouble.
I'm not sure what I'm going to have as our starch for dinner yet. I should do rice, but Jerry is not a great fan of rice each week. I'm tired of noodles and we had Cheesy Burger noodles yesterday. I could just make mashed potatoes I guess. it will all depend on how hot it is, when I start cookin dinner.
I have the t.v. on, as usual. Rachel Ray is on. It never dawned on me that the Donny Walburg was the same Donny from New Kids on the Block. Duh.  Heather about drove me nuts with the NKOB music when they were the Teen Idols along with Back Street Boys, and of course have to toss in Boyz to Men.  I do like his acting though. But he sure don't like much like the kid he was back then. What I mean is, I recall the kid but not the face and that's, um...over 15 years ago.
Today is another shorts day. It was very comfortable walking in the back in shorts, I don't like spider webs in my face but I never notice them on my legs.. I wonder why that is. I mean I've never  really notice spider webs closer to the ground, just those up at face level.
Since I have the "housework" done already, I plan on starting the baby dresses this afternoon. I also need to go another round on the baby blanket I'm making for Beth's baby.
Tomorrow morning, I'm planning on doing the laundry over at the laundry room. It's also the shower house. With 4 washers and 4 dryers it shouldn't take too long to get done.  Well, it does take a half hour to wash and the dryers run for one hour on four quarters. As long as I don't over-load the dryers, every thing will get dry.
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