Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

Good Morning, and HellO.... yesterday, I wrote a "hello" note and the "o" got dropped... Yikes that was embarrasing.  I stayed up all day yesterday.. Today, I went back to bed and I'm still dragging. I'm going to try staying up again tomorrow and if I feel better with staying up, will just have to force myself to stay up and not be tempted to go back to that bed. Part of the reason I felt like going back to bed is because it was still cloudy this morning and so dark and gray. We still have a few clouds but not as dark as it was at 7am.  I have noticed that most of the trees have lost a lot of leafs even before they change color. A few trees have a hint of yellow to them, but the slightest bit of wind and those are off the trees. I'm still waiting for the reds and orange ones to show up. There is a purple flowered weed (not the typical thistle) that I want to take a close up of. I see it on the side of the road while we are driving to town but I don't see it around here.  I see Golden Rod and a tall, white, small flowered weed, And a passion flower but haven't seen that purple one here in the R.V. Park.  I think it's time I take another walk down the road by the lake and see if I can find something "new" down that way.
Yesterday, while I was walking the dogs in the afternoon. I saw a snake. It was slithering off around a tree as we walked up to the trail that is on the boundry between the R.V. Park and the Wild life area.  What I saw was a dull grey. Neither dog saw it at all.  I think it was just trying to sun itself when we came along.  I saw a deer last week and the dogs missed that, as well. They were with me, just didn't see it.
This morning, I don't know what going on with Rocky. He wants to pull and go any where but where I want him to go. He was just totally pushing the buttons on this mornings walk. It's not like there was something I could see in the direction he was trying to pull to, either. No cat or dor or person.
The cats want to look out the door today. One is totally soaked from the squirt bottle and still is back, looking out the door. I let them look out the back window but I don't want them in the doorway cause they don't want to move off when I want to go through the door. If I know I'm going to be out a while, I put all four back into a kennel so I don't have to fight them to come back into the house. it's not really a fight, I just spray some mouthwash though the screen and they all high-tail it to the back. They hate the smell of the mouthwash I have now.
I have hamburger thawed in the fridge. So I'm going to fix that for dinner. not sure, but I'm thinking of using a boxed mix for the skillet. We will have salad and I'm thinking of adding apple to the salad to have a change in it. In a bit, I'm going to bake a white cake for dessert. We found some sugar free frosting at the store and I'll use 1/2 a tub of that to frost the cake.
I was hearing the birds singing earlyer but they have all stopped or moved off. I have "The View" on right now. It's noise.
Today is another shorts day since our high is going to be around 80.  But it's very humid today as well. It's one of those days that you just wish it would rain and get it over with instead of the humidy hanging in the air almost high enough to see.
I am reading... emails and still working on Eragon. 
I am creating...  I did work on the baby blanket yesterday. I need to work on it again today. I also want to start on a baby dress. I forgot to get out the sewin machine and see what size batteries it takes. Jerry did take back the router, but forgot that I asked him to pick up a Crockpot. That's ok. I'll pick one up this weekend. We got a set of the "Eggies" this past week. and I did use it.  you don't have to peel the shell off the eggs. and you can season them before you put the eggs in. but you have to oil the plastic before you put the egg in each one. not a lot of oil, but a touch or it will stick to the plastic. The best part though, is you don't have to peel off that thin innner coating when you cook them this way and although they have a flat top, they do come out of the plastic easier than from the shells.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Friday, I'm going to do the laundry here at the R.V. parks laundry room, in the morning.I should have three loads by then, and I can do the sheets off the beds when I do that. Although the dryers are not the best, they do the job. If the jeans don't get dry, I'll just put them on hangers and hang them over my bed.

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