Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept 13, 2011, morning.

Good Morning... Well, it's still very early as I write this.  Erin is a very small town. The only Grocery store closes at 8pm.  We barely had time to pick up enough things to get us through this week. meats, bread, eggs, milk and vegetables.  I sure hope that Jerry does not have to go on 7 days a week. We need one day just to do the shopping with since the next closest store is almost 40 minutes away.  You know it's a very small town when the one cafe stays open longer than the local store does.  At least the fresh produce does look fresh for the most part. The cucumbers didn't look so good and we didn't get any of them.  The last one I got went bad on me before we could use it.
Yesterday was so foggy when I took the dogs out the first time. Today it's nice and clear. I don't like taking the dogs out this (4am) early, but they needed "out". I'll have to get them back to their old schedule of going out closer to dawn.   Today's weather is to be dry and hot. Well, 88 is hot to me. I plan on putting the cover on the canopy and then cooking in the table top oven, outside. I'm going to bake some pork chops and a few potatoes for our dinner. I'll fix up a salad as well.
There is a slight chance that Jerry will be working 12 hour days, next week. I told him, I hope he knows by Sunday if they are or not. Cause the plan would be for him to just buy something on his way home and I'll just fix myself dinner. By the time he'd get home around 9pm it would be too late for me to be eating, then going to bed, only to get up at 3:30 again. I sure hope they don't go to working 12 hour days.  10 hours are enough. After 10 hours, people start making mistakes because they are tired.
Yes, we have T.V. again and still not much to watch on it.. (figures, right?). We watched "Antiques Road Show" last night. I don't even know what else was on, cause we went to bed before 9:30.. almost unknown for me to be in bed that early. I'm usually going to bed just after the 10pm news is going off. But I didn't get a nap yesterday and I was just tired.
The cats have been behaving for the most part. Mostly sleeping or at least not getting into too much when they are awake. Of course, after they are first let out at 4am. so they can get a drink of water and a potty break, go back into the kennels almost on their own. I'll let them back out again around 7 am.  after I have scooped out their catbox. Yeah. it's one of those jobs that has to be done. Not pleasent but necessary.
It's going to be another "shorts" day, today.  Our high of 88 will see to that. I think I have some cut off sweats still in my drawer. I'll put on a white tshirt because it's cooler and I can spray it with some water to cool off with, as well, this afternoon.  I do have to wash Jerry some jeans today and plan on doing that this moring before it gets too hot outside. I had hoped to do that yesterday, but by the time the man was finsihed with the sat dish, it was hot. Since there are 6 paris of jeans, I'll use two washers and not over load either.
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