Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day notes

We picked up an "on clearance" canopy.  To anchor it down (this time) we bought some metal stakes to drive in the ground. Then we also bought some ty wire to connect the frame to the stakes. A whole roll of wire for a few yards of the stuff..
We set up the Canopy and had breakfast under it, this morning. We took it down a bit ago. The wind was getting a bit stronger and we didn't want to loose yet another canopy to the wind. Of course, now that we've taken the cover off and come inside, the wind has calmed back down but it does look like more rain is headed our way. We really need the rain and it's not like we had anything planned to do today.   I have been "hungry" for waffles for a few weeks but ever time I thought about starting them, Jerry would start making breakfast and there just wasn't room for the waffle maker along with what he was making.. this morning, I mixed up the batter, then started putting things by the door for him to take out. It was nice to sit outside and make waffles for each other. I know we will do it again some time soon.
Jerry was fussing a bit about having  to buy a whole roll for some a small amount of use.. then I remembered a couple of outdoor projects that I will need wire with. They didn't say to use this type of wire, but it will work.
I do need to get to a Dollar General or Family Dollar and pick up their cheap yard hooks to hand my lights from.  But as I go along I keep finding things to do a nice project, one piece at a time.
I found candle stands at a yard sale for $1. eacch. and nabbed them. Next yard sale had two more, smaller ones for $5 each and I passed them by. He didn't seem to want to deal on anything.
I found two cigar boxes, great for a craft stash or maybe Modge Podge something onto them. A book I didn't know Auel had out yet. ($5.00) Some baby clothes for Beth's baby, Some have never been worn even. A cast iron tea kettle, He was asking $20 and I thought it a bit much so offered $15 and he said Sold so fast a head could have spun.  He wanted it out of there. It had belonged to his wife's dad and he passed back in 1999. I'm guessing the reminders of him were getting to them from the way they were talking.
We were going to get a fire pit, found one at Walmart for $29... But we are a bit short on cash right now. Jerry can pick one up when he gets his check cashed next Friday. I'll have to remind Jerry to look where they sell the grills and see if there is a huge grill to buy separate for to cook with. 
We finally got out our tripod for over a fire, and set it up to see how high it can go. I do think high enough to be able to cook over a small fire pit. That will be fun and let me work on some of my outdoor fire skills some more. We will need another grill for that, smaller with three chains so it will hang ballanced over a fire.
I will be looking in the canned good. for jars with metal lids to make a few lamps with. I picked up a small bottle of oil for tiki lights. I did a bit of an experment to see just how flamable it is.  Like with the baby oil, I poured out a very small amount into a small metal lid and put a flame directly on it.. it didn't catch fire, It needs a wick to burn.. that is wonderful to know.

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