Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010.. whew.

Whew, what a day. We got up around 7am.. Went out for breakfast.. that was a trip.. stopped at waffle house and the only seating was a booth. I can not fit into them any more.. so we had to leave. I think I heard someone laugh as we were leaving because i couldn't fit the booth (Idiot)

Went looking for a Huddle House that Jerry recalls seeing, but we never found it.. took a road out looking for it, past a Shoneys. Got outside the city limits and turned around.. and took a different road.. and in the end ended up back at Shoneys. It was a little crowded but that was ok. the food was hot, the waitress earned her tip, and we enjoyed a leisurely Breakfast before heading back to the house.

Loaded up the laundry and headed to the Soap and Suds. Too crowded. headed back, picking up the dogs, along with the GPS.. then to Veterans Park for a GeoCache.. Found It.

I was talking to my Cousin when Jerry left the van to go look for it. about 1/2 a hour later, I took the dogs out of the van. and we started walking the path that Jerry took. i could hear him calling me as we topped part of the path. He hadn't found it, yet.. I let the dog do what they needed to do (cleaning up after them with a bag I always seem to have in my pocket, and tossing in a close by trashcan) then headed toward a benchm to sit down, at the Disk Golf course. Jerry headed up into the brush again. looking for it still. . Rocky didn't like that at all, and when Jerry came out. I gave m Rocky for a few minutes.. As we were walking back toward the van, Jerry said,"Hey. let me try in here." I asked him to hand me Rocky's lead, while he headed back into the brush. And in less than a minute, he found it. Signed our names and left a token, took a token. First find of the day.

We gad taken a laptop with us so Jerry could look up more sites instead of relying on just his notebook and memory. Found out another cache is close by. Headed to it and, well.. zip. nadda. could n't find it. The gps "lead" us to privet Property. we didn't risk it since the site didn't say it was on PP. We drove past the Elvis Presley Birthplace (again) and headed for another site. 'VffV' was our next stop.. again on Privet Property, or so we thought. but we were not close enough, I could see that it was behind a large building but not sure what it was.. until we got on the main road. It's an outlet mall.. Went behind that building and Jerry walked right on on the GeoCache. Not a problem at all.

Gee,since we were there.. we went shopping a bit. , We went into Black and Decker.. (ut oh) I picked up a food chopper. A mini food chopper that also has a discharge chute so I can slice things like celery or potatoes quickly.. going to try in out very soon. Jerry picked up a Drill for the camper ( means I can use it) An adaptor, and an Impact driver for his job. All for under $ 130. I need the drill to make a pilot hole for a cup hook I want to put the lighter for the burners on. I keep dropping them in the dish water if they are set on the right hand side of the stove otherwise. Making a place to keep it, out of the way. Walked around to see what else is there. clothing stores, mostly. and went back to the van. I watered the dogs before we went in, and I had to dump the water before we took off.

So, by now we are 2 for 3 and ready to find another Geocache. This one was 8 miles away. took the 4 lane.. for 6 miles, then a couple of two lanes and ended up in a small town, By the school, in a small, memorial park... we took pictures of a log house there.. and the GPS guided us to a tree. A very funny looking tree, One that many would call a love knot. Two different trees had tried to grow at the same spot and made a love knot.One of the trees has a light colored bark, and the other a dark colored bark. Jerry looked around and all over that tree. I asked if he tried the space between the trees.. Yeah.. Do it again. Hey.. guess what? he found it.. buried under some leaves. I got to sign this one with both our names and date it. Great find. Nice little country road ride.

Looked up another Site to go look for.. Good thing I took my insuline with us, cause it was going on 3:30 and we hadn't eaten since breakfast. and we were both getting hungry so we ate at Hardees, after I took my afternoon shot. Then we were off to find that next cache.. We have been to this site before.. from a different direction.

Guess what.. the GPS leads Jerry to a building.. inside the building apparently. I sat in the van with the dogs. He never did find it.

So we are 3 for 5 today. It' was starting to get dark, and we needed to do laundry. I don't like starting the "New Year" with a lot of dirty laundry. So we go back the the laundry mat which is the opposite direction from where we were and did that. Taking the dogs out for a while so they can do their thing. I also got macon some extra exercize by extending him some extra line, and having him follow me as I walked a bit of a circle. I use to do this with the horses.

On the way back home, it was starting to rain, and I asked if Jerry still wanted to get the food shopping done for the day as well. Um.. yeah,.. why not. So we got that done.. it's all out of the way. Food, laundry and taking care of the pets.

We are under a tornado watch. expires around 11pm. I feel we are in a good place here. not near the top of a hill. a bit protected by a hill, really. and tucked in next to a creek, We have a place we can "run" to (I don't run, any more) if it gets really rough.. the office building is snuggles up against a hill and the bathrooms are the safest place to be. (no pets though).

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