Thursday, December 30, 2010

<< Good Morning, Dec 30 >>

Good Morning,
Wow, only one day left to this year. I have been reading my back "Good Morning" messages to see just what all we got done this past year. Lots of snow and cold last winter. Lots of heat and humidy this past summer.
I have had to lock the kittens in a kennel for a bit, just to have some peace. Now that they are more quiet, I can let them out again.. They were trying to get into Every Thing. My empty enevelopes from our cards, My recipe books I have out. Scattering the kitten food instead of eating it. Jumping on the dogs, then getting all huffy cause the dog "Looked" at them. (trying to get the dogs in trouble) Then on the kennels again, trying to scatter stuff, again.

Outside my door ... The sun is just now starting to clear the horizon. But I doubt I'll see "Light" we have heavy cloud cover and rain this morning. We may hit 60 today but I don't recall if we are to have the clouds and rain all day, or not.

The dogs ... Needed a longer time outside this morning. I didn't realize our neighbor to the front was in.. He was leaving for work. Rocky wanted to go say "Hi" to him.. and I was telling Rocky "no" when Rocky "remembered" why he was outside.. yep. a total change came over him and he headed straight for the other side of the road to go "P". Then he and Macon needed a bit further walk to do the "other". they don't normally do that first thing in the morning, but on our second outing of the day. So, I'm wondering how that second walk is going to go. I ended up having to back track yesterday afternoon to "clean up" after Macon when he couldn't wait intil we got to the weeds in the dog walk area. Yes, I clean up after my dogs.

The Kittens ... Are now asleep in a kennel after trying to run havic in the camper. I'll be letting them out here in a bit and see if they will settel down a bit more.

From the kitchen... Jerry wants me to use the ground pork we bought two weeks ago. I'll fix 'spegettie' with it. Might bake some fresh bread to go with it.

I am hearing... Water dripping in the kitchen sink, Morning News on the TV. Rain on the roof.

I am wearing... (7am) still in my blue house dress. Will change after my shower this mornig.

I am reading... Recipe books

I am thinking...

I am thankful for... Jerry working again so quickly after this lay off.

I am hoping... That next year is much better than this last year was.

I am creating... A cleaner home.

One of my favorite things... going Geo Caching with Jerry.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Grocry shopping, laundry on Friday. Jerry has Friday and Saturday off.

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