Monday, December 27, 2010

For Today... December 27, 2010

December 25, 8am White Christmas morning, Tupelo Mississippi

For Today... December 27, 2010

Good Morning (6 am)

Jerry just left to check on a job that is close by. We tried to make the morning start as if he already has the job. Rocky is soo confused. He just doesn't get it. He's so use to us moving before Jerry gets a job. Haha. I even packed up a lunch for Jerry. I need to dump the tea and make fresh tea. I forgot to do that, over the weekend. So far, we have treated his being off work more like a mini vacation than a job hunt. Yes, he looked for work, but since we already know how hard it is to find work around Christmas time, decided to not let it get us down. Jerry had lots of fun looking for Geocaches and I went along for the ride and some walking outside the campground. He gets a thrill when he finds one.

Yesterday we woke up to snow flakes in the air but it was too warm for any accumulations. We did drive north to find out where this place is, that Jerry is to apply for a job. We are a bit confussed.. call and show up to put in his app. Well, that's what he's doing right now. It was just a bit to "raw" to want to wonder about in a strange place looking for a small box so we didn't Geocache yesterday. This next weekend looks like a much better weather for looking up a couple of boxes.


Here in a bit, I'll be taking a shower, then working on cleaning up the camper as much as I can before Jerry gets back home.


Outside my door ... a bit of a cloud cover, cold enough to see my breath, when I walked the dogs at 5 am.


The dogs ... They are now sleeping on our beds. That first walk of the morning was just cold and they were glade to jump back into the camper and get into our warm beds. that is once Rocky got over the fact that Jerry was going and not taking him along for a ride. he kept looking out the window expecting Jerry to come back and get us.


The Kittens ... are playing all over the place. Chasing. king of the pillows on the bed. on the top of the printer. off the printer, jump onto the top of the kennels, jump on each other off the kennels. playing with a piece of green plastic off a milk carton. ripping up paper. pulling the kitchen towels off Jerry's laptop. in the bathtub, out of the bathtub. on the bathroom counter, (time for a drink as we are letting the water drip) off the counter top onto each other. run back down the hall into the living room area, under the shelf. and so on.. sounds like a herd of buffalo is running back and forth in here.


From the kitchen... I made Jerry his usual work breakfast of potatoe patties, sausage and eggs. not sure what I want to fix for dinner. I just found a recipe I want to try, but don't have all the ingredients for it.


I am hearing... The kittens playing. the tv (weather) and the fan on the box heater in the livingroom where I'm sitting.


I am wearing... (6am) flannel pj's.

I am reading... emails and recipes.

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