Wednesday, December 22, 2010

not so good news, Good News, Geo cashing

Ok, the not so good news first. Jerry got laid off The day before his birthday. We knew it was comin so it was not a surprise. So the job hunt is on, again.

Good News is.. Jerry goes Monday to a job lead he got from someone here in the campground. They need two people and Jerry already called one of the fellows he was workin with here. So there is a decent chance he may get this job. Would be nice to not have to move just yet.

We sent gifts to the grand kids. Was hoping for one more week, so we could have sent a bit of something to the kids.. Once Jerry gets working again, we may send each an after Christnas gift.

Jerry got me this laptop for my Birthday, Mother's day, Christmas last year and this year as well.. He got a digital camera for his Year gift. We got these as soon as we caught up all the bills and before we found out the endin date on this job. We were told this job was to last unil the end of Janurary.

We also picked up a Garmin GPS. I wanted a Garmin when we first got a GPS a couple of years ago. We enjoy looking for Geo caches. It's a fun way to past the time, drive around a little bit and learn the area better. We have found 2 of 4 we know are on "The Trace", We are doing fairly good with it. We don't usually go into a cementary if we discover that is where one is hidden . One of today's looks was in a cematary so we don't count it in our found verses looked for. We are still doing about 2 for 4 over all. We found one by a school this morning. as well as one just off a main road, up a driveway behind the brush, in the weeds.

This Geo cache is called Sticky Sistuation. Jerry didn't find it. The description said to wear a long sleeved shirt so we think its in one of the holly bushes along the roadway.
This one is called the Big Valve. Another one we didn't find. Jerry re checked the Geo Cache site and thinks it may be on the other side of the driveway from where he was looking.

Although we did not find the one posted at the homestead, we did find the one in the park behind the birthplace of Elvis.
Today, I asked Jerry to let me go into the Goodwill book store, He went back to the Big Valve, but didn't find his Geo Cache.. while I found three cookbooks and two story books for just a bit over $20. Two of the cookbooks are from Tupelo, the third a cookbook for cooking for 2.
One of the reading books is more a pre teen book about women who setteled the west. The other is a crafts book.

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Caroline said...

Hey Billie
The GPS thingee sounds awesome and Im so glad Jerry bought you the lap top etc!
Your books sound lovely!
Keep praying for work, as the Lord surely looks after His own!!