Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Morning

For Today... December 2, 2010

Jerry is home, today. His hip still hurts a lot and he has an upset tummy. He's had breakfast and is now back in bed, with the heat pad on his hip. He's already had to run the dogs off twice from getting into bed with him.

Our low overnight was 27. I ran a thin stream of water all night long in both the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. Todays high is to be in the mid 50's. We have another cool down coming this weekend.

I've taken the dogs out already. Macon wasn't in much of a need but Rocky really needed that tree this morning.

Outside my door ... (6am) Still dark out. but the quarter moon is still up and that bright star is as bright as ever nearby. (9am) The sun is up and we have only a few high clouds in the sky. the camper will warm up with solar heating and the heaters will shut off soon. Almost all the leaves are off the trees now. I think the only ones still on are those that fall off in spring right before green up.

The dogs ... first "walk" went somewhat ok. Macon barked as someone else out walking. but when I saw him again. I made Macon sit and watch and as he went past us alibet far across the widest part of the driveway praised Macon big time for not barking. Wish it had lasted.. when our behind the camper neighbor was leaving, she rolled down her window to speak to me, and Macon barked again. She said sorry, and I said, I'm tring to break him from this so it's part of the training. I don't know if she wanted to say anything else or not. She left. I guess if it's important I'll hear about it. she'll either try again, or speak to Linda to speak to me. Really though, there was much less pulling now. Although Macon wants to walk with tension on the line and I'm now working on his having the line a bit slack. Rocky is soo much better and walks with the line slack more of the time, now. When both the dogs saw the Grey and white cat, they "alerted" me to it. But they didnt bark, and they both sat and watched it, when I said "sit". Oh they are doing so much better and we are getting in more walks now.

The Kittens ... are having the morning hallway races now. I took a picture earlier of one of the kittens being a nose warmer for Rocky. Soo cute.

From the kitchen... (6am) not sure just yet, what I'll be making for dinner. I have chicken and pork in the freezer. I'll ask Jerry in a bit, what he wants for dinner. IF all else fails, I'll make up a couple of packets of Remein soup and add in the chili from last week.

I am hearing... The TV is on and the heater in the living room is on.

I am wearing...(6am) dark grey sweat pants and my heavier, white top. once I take my shower, I'll change my top for a lighter top. I plan on that shower around 9:30 or so

I am reading... emails and recipes

I am thinking... (9am) What to fix for dinner. Still don't have a clue what to make,yet

I am thankful for... A nice, quiet place for us to stay for a while. and that I'm able to work with the dogs more with training them to behave better.

I am hoping... That Jerry feels better when he wakes up and that his hip will stop hurting so much.

One of my favorite things... A good moring walk. Brisk, yet sunny and pretty.

A few plans for the rest of the week... sorting the laundry for washing up, later. Need to work out a grocery list soon as well.

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