Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

Ah.. the sweet smells and sounds of early Spring. My turn to walk the dogs early this morning. Poor Macon, he had a wet accident in his kennel and by the time I got him out, stank. He was first out, though. and Iwas met with SPRING in the air. The smell of MUD. and the sight of grass just starting to turn green. The air filled the the early morning songs of birds and a light mist in the air that I felt on my bare arms while I guided Macon to where he's 'suppose' to go, rather than where it was he 'went'. Oh well, the rain will wash it all away, I'm sure.

Dawn.. or is there one. When I woke up it was dark outside. I walked the dogs and it was lighter, but I never really saw the Sun peeking between the horizon and the bottom of the sky this morning.

In a recent questionaire, was the question of if you have ever seen the green flash or dawn or sunset. Some people question does it even exist. There is a brief nano second of time that, if your looking in just the right direction, just before the sun rises or just after the tip of it sets, that there is a green flash of light. I've never seen it, but I've heard you see it over the ocean, and sometimes if your on a high mountain you might be lucky enough to catch one. I'm sure it's one of those things of "Magic" that catches you when you least expect it and reminds you that there are still many, many wonders of the world yet to be explored. I read about the green flash in an old Reader's Digest a long time ago. I've been lucky enough to watch a few sunrises over the Atlantic ocean side of the USA, and have yet to be that lucky. I do believe it happens. and, much like a rainbow, happens when you really, really need a boost. A Jolt, almost, to that part of you that holds onto all things of wonder and joy.

Much to my daughters' discomfort, the spiders are out. There are two very small ones in the window to my left. I would not have seen them, except one caught a fly in the web just as I glanced that way. It can stay in the window and it will be fine. Drop near me and it's dead. Beth said it's a dead spider, it just don't know it yet. She's going to get some bug spray once we leave. From the number of dead flies on the bottom of the window edge, the two of them have been there a while. I don't like spiders. I have no love for them on me, but I leave them to the corners and eves as they provide a service of eating other bugs that I also don't like much.


Ah... ha. um.. "MOLLY" " leave it alone!". Silly dog. ... . pinched your nose did it? It's spring and the critters are on the move. Molly found a crayfish, crawdad, mudpuppy, what-every you want to call the inland lobster like critter that lives near waterway and ponds.


Oh Yuck.. Jerry, put your shoes on and come tell me what this is that Molly drug up now.

Jerry said it's a Norwegien Black Rat. (thank gooodness it's dead) the tail does not look like a rats tail to me. it's not round it's not wide and flat like a bever either, though. Not a ground hog? Dead is all I know. Jerry put it in the burn barrel while I was outside talking on the phone.

It was nice to be talking on the phone, but I didn't expect to be outside so long and didn't take my jacket with me. Jerry got me his jacket from the van. Now I have to put it back out there sometime today.

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