Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For Today... March 31, 2010

For Today...

March 31, 2010

I haven't kept up with my log for the last couple of days. Jerry and I have been walking the dogs on longer walks now that we have some pleasent weather to enjoy. Monday, we got lost and a 1/2 mile walk turned closer to 2 miles, at least. We went back today and stuck to the paved pathes. Macon was well behaved last time and not so much this time. Although it wasn't the ideal walk, it was still a good walk. We then went driving and got lost on the back roads. That's ok, though as we really needed to ge out for a bit. We really needed to be away from the camper for a bit.

Today is call in day for Jerry's un-employment. Hopefully, Friday's being a bank holiday won't mess with it being put on his debit card. We don't know for sure until then.

While we were waiting for NCIS to come on last night. I had Jerry help me with a grocery list. All in all it's not a long list and most of whats on the list "should" last us about two weeks.


Outside my window... The sky is clear and blue, the ground is drying for the last weekend rains and the tempature is very pleasent. The trees are starting to leaf out, and many of the flowering trees are in full bloom. I took a couple of pictures of a pine tree and a tulip popular this morning.

I am thinking... We are going crazy, waiting for a phone call. It's really eating at our nerves and we have to be very vilagent not to take it out on each other that Jerry isn't working, yet. He's looking as hard as he knows how, to find a job. Checking all the resources he knows of for work. Internet, making phone calls, filling in apps and talking to others who may have a lead on a job.

I am thankful for... being able to spend time with my Hubby, right now. We are able to get out and enjoy the weather together. Winter was too cold and too long to really want to go out and do anything. Now, we can walk some trails and just be outside in the fresh air.

From the kitchen... Breakfast was two egg and ham burritos, and a bowl of cereal. Lunch is a can of tomato soup. Dinner was Salad and a couple of burritoes each. I took my steam basket and put it in one of my cast iron skillets to keep them off the bottom of the skillet and put a lid on top. They were done but not really hot. I wasn't sure how long to cook them that way.

I am wearing... light grey sweat pants and my light purple Eagles nest t-shirt. The sleeve of it got ripped last week, when Macon took off after a bug and dumped me out of my chair. Luckly I only ended up with a few scratches on my arm from hitting the ground.

I am reading... emails and some recipes I found loose in the back of the van. I need to put them on my computer.

I am hoping... The same thing I've been hopeing for, for the last 6 months. I'm hoping that Jerry will get a call to go to work.

I am creating... working on some embrodry

I am hearing...(11am ) Y and R is on. There are a few songbirds outside on the power lines singing their love songs.

(8pm) Taps is on.

Around the house... (11am) I haven't done any thing yet, this morning. need to make beds, do dishes and straighten up the living room.

(8 pm) did the dishes and made supper after helping Jerry with the sink problem in the back.

One of my favorite things... Just going out and walking along a path I've not been on before. And also driving around just seeing where a road goes. We found a dairy while we were driving. Too bad we didn't stop to see if we could buy milk straight from the farm there.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Wait to see of the un-employment money is here on Friday or not. If it is, we will have to go do some food shopping.


Today, I was helping Jerry play plumber to the camper. We "finally" got the last of the leaks fixed, we think. We had to replace the bathroom sink faucet. Bent up a corner of the sink doing it and now I have to be careful(er) wiping down the counter back there. Hopefully now the floor will dry out.

We have also be job hunting. Monday and Tuesday we went to the old job site. Still no word. Jerry had a question about a job that was listed on-line. If he applied for it would it change his statis on being a Journeyman electriction since this other job was more of a top helper type job. No, he could apply for it and if he didn't get it, would still be considere for the next journeyman electriction job that comes up. (whew) now if only they would need him for either one of them. Today, driving hither and youn looking for a part for the sink, We happened upon another BE&K job. (what??) We stopped to ask and the man we talked to said he was the man to talk to about the electrical on the job, He had fun making the dogs bark. Gave us directions on the main office for this job. Took us a bit to find it, then a bit to find a parking space as well. But we did it. and Jerry got the information he needed. He'll be applying with this sub-contractor tomorrow. They are out of Birmingham so even if they don't need him here, maybe they will use him elsewhere. Please help pray that this works out.

Bad news on his unemployment today. He has one week coming, not two. that's barely enough to cover the lot rent for a month. I have a very little stashed back, maybe enough for insulin for a week and a few grocries but not much more than that. Jerry's going to be on the phone a lot tomorrow, straightening that out and calling on that job. I can't even ask my kids for a bit of help because they are all as broke as we are.

We have been doing a lot more walking. twice a day, now. This morning, we went to the golf course. Macon didn't do so good this time. He kept pulling and jerking and then stopping and not moving. WE had an eye to eye.. he got a bit better after that. This eveing, We took them to the lower level here. We have to drive to the lower level or Macon will "poop" in the middle of the driveway and that means one of us has to pick it up. (Yucky part of dog ownership) If we drive down, he still poops, but not where anyone is going to say anything about it. We did a bit of walking around both lower level this eveniing. That's made me a bit winded but not as bad as it would have last week if I had tried to walk that much at one time.

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