Tuesday, March 2, 2010

how old is too old?

Ok, now the question is ... How old is too old?

Some things, like the mini skirt are easy, if you were old enough to wear one the first time it was in Fashion, then most likely your way too old to wear one the second time around, right?

But really, When do you start to feel "OLD"? Yes, I'm slowing down a bit, But I don't think it's because of age as much as health. I am overly Fluffy, (obese is such an ugly word) But I've been "heavy" since I turned 14. A life time. (blamed it on puberty and life style change in the same summer) Sure, I can't hurry up the driveway, but I can still get up the driveway as long as I can take my time doing so. may take me 5 more minutes than it does Jerry or Beth. Jerry has worked, on his feet, in construction the last 25+ years and Beth is, dare I say it.. only 21. So it can't be age not if Beth's dad can walk it as fast as she can walk it. When is it too old to continue to have Plans and dreams of the future? When my Grandmother was still alive but knew it was near her end said she still have things she wanted to see, or to get done. Are we ever really ready for that final day, I wonder? As for dreaming while sleeping, as opposed to having dreams, She said she stopped having dreams somewhere around 72.

Things I still want to do.

Not just see the Grand Canyon, but go down and back up, again. (yeah, right)
climb Mount Garfield (In Colorado) at least one more time. I did it almost yearly as a kid.
I still want to learn how to ride sidesaddle, and how to drive a horse and buggy
I want to get into the Pacific Ocean. I know, I was in it, as a baby but I don't remember it.
I want to get into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico as well. (I an't swim, but that's doesn't keep me from getting wet)
I want to ride my own motorcycle and not just be the passanger on the back. A motor trike would be just as good
I want to go to Sturgis
I want to go to New Orleans, not necessarly during Carnavale.
I want to see Niagra Falls
I want to visit Alaska
I want to go to California
I want to see Ol faithful and go to Yellow stone park
I want to ride in a hot air balloon
I want to see The Painted Dessert
I want to revisit the area I grew up in. I know, a lot has changed but I want to see those changes.

Things I've done

walked upon the Appalachian trail, Not far, maybe only a 1/2 of mile or so, but I was on it. So was my Mom, Surprise !!
stood in the four corners of Colorado, Utah, Arazona and New Mexico
Been through Ruby Falls (tourest tour)
Seen Rock City
Been in the Atlantic ocean
Been to Lake Michigan
been to a ghost town, didn't find any ghosts though
been into different caves
been on an underground lake
Been to the Smokie mountains and watched the sun rise over the ridges watched the sun set as well.

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