Monday, March 15, 2010

For Today... March 15, 2010

For Today... March 15, 2010


We are in Tuscaloosa Alabama. We left Lawson Mo on Friday morning around 9:30am and got here around 11:45 pm. We slept in a truck stop between a couple of "big rigs" because we just didn't want to pay for one nights' motel room. We paid off the camper, need to get the title tomorrow. We will tag it out on Friday when we do the car tags as well.

The trip was un-eventfull. The camper was not stored where we thought it would be, the back end was up against the dirt and we have many breaks in the water lines. We no sooner get one fixed than we find another. We don't have water to the shower or the bath sink right now. I'm thinking we are going to have to pay someone else to fix it because we can't reach it. We will be washing off at the kitchen sink, or going to the shower house a few times a week to get an all over shower. (Oh Joy,) We went to the shower house last night and ran out of hot water within a few mintues of getting my hair wet. Not happy about that at all.


Outside my window... The sky has been grey all day long, We had about 10 minutes of sun this afternoon.

I started the day in layers, and ended up taking off some of those layers because I got warm. I think our high was right around 60F.

I took the dogs for a walk, had to clean up after Macon ( the dog just can't figure out to go to the hill for that..) I sat outside with the dogs for about 30 mintues this afternoon, while Jerry was fixing the water, again. He had to bypass the bath sink so we can at least have water to the kitchen sink and I can use the stove to warm up dish-water. Jerry went to the trash pile, looking for enough wood to make better steps so I don't get flipped going through the door. Yesterday I got flipped twice, once going in and once going out. I was holding on to the handle by the door so I didn't get hurt, when I was going out. But the time I was going in, I ended up on my knees. my shins hit the metal threshhold and so I have a couple of bruses now.

I am thinking... I hope we didn't make a big mistake coming here. Jerry went to the old job he was working on here and applied. there is one other person on the list, and his name has been on there since Feburary. Not a good sign. Jerry did look on-line with KBR's website to see if there is a job any where, Not yet.

I am thankful for... No problems on the road getting here. It was rainy all the way down here. Only one slow up and it looked like it was two cops giving a ticket and everyone was moving over to the left lane and slowing down for that. The back-up was almost a mile long for that.

From the kitchen... I'm fixing Salad, pork chops, and Mac and Cheese, I may also fix some steamed vegetables for me. I'm cooking tonight. Pork Chops, Mac and Cheese, Salad, steamed stir fry vegetables.

I've sprinkled the chops with some spicy seasoning while I wait for them to thaw and the water for the Mac and Cheese to come to a boil. (I have one working burner right now) I have the stir fry vegetables in a rice steamer and added a dash of vinegar to it to wake up the flavor a bit. I'll be adding a couple of tablespoons of Salsa to my salad instead of dressing. Salsa has much less calories to it.

I am wearing... Dark Grey sweat pants and a teal top. I had on a white long sleeve winter top earlier but I got warm enough to have to take it off.

I am reading... emails. I had over 900 to go through this morning and I can't remember if aol limits me to 1000 or 2000 before sending back emails.

I am hoping... That Jerry finds a job soon. Either here or very close by. We will have to replumb the trailer, and need some money to do that with.

I am creating... a cleaned up camper. I am slowly putting our things back in place. We brought back more than what we took out of here and now I have to find a place for it all. I am thinking we are going to have to have a yard sale before the end of this month, by April 15 at the latest so we can empty the storage unit. We will be looking for a smaller, less expensive unit closer to the R.V. Park as well. We don't need much more than a 4 x 5 or 6 x 8.

I am hearing... American Pickers on the T.V. and some idiot who would rather honk his horn than knock on a door. That's been going on a lot today.

Around the house... Putting our stuff back in place, shoving where I can until I can take time to do it right. Doing ok. Got two tubs that are in the way and will have to be moved from one end to the other until I finaly find a place for the stuff in them.

One of my favorite things... shedding wearing my heavy coat in Spring. sure I'm still going to need it at night, when we take our showers, but looks like we are not going to need them much during the day now. I'll soon be able to wash them and then have to find a place to store them for summer.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Need to clean out the van and take care of what's in it so I can go to storeage and either pick up a vanload to go through and decide what to keep and what to yard sale.

Help Jerry find a job.

Walk the dogs longer each day and spend more time outside.

do some laundry.

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