Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can it Be??

Can it Be??? could all this white stuff really be melting and going away? I sure hope so. Never say it's gone, until at least the end of April, because I have seen it snow in mid April around here, it didn't stick, but it did snow in April.

I can see more "Ground" outside my window and I think just a tenge, a hint, a blur of green under the edges. I'll not hold my breath. This is Missouri and I know the weather here can change in just minutes at times. But I'll take this warmth and soon I'll be able to walk the dogs longer than just a "HURRY UP and FIND A SPOT" Rocky takes the longest time to find the Just Perfect Place to dump his load. He will go back and forth and again and again going in smaller arches at the end of his line. with this desperate look on his face. I'm not sure why that spot wasn't good enough when he searched it a moment ago, but it's just fine now. Go figure.
Macon, on the other hand.. goes out, whizzes, the squats and gets it over with and is more than ready to go back inside. in case you didn't know Rocky is the smaller dog. with a lighter coat. I would figure he'd be the one in a hurry to get back inside.

I need to remember to carry my camera with me all the time, now. I'm sure I'll find some intresting things to take pictures of.

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