Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning. Sunday's morning's are usually peace filled around here and today is no exception. Our weather has turn warm, finally. High's in the low 50's has help melt off most of the snow. There are still patches of it here and there but mostly we are seeing ground, now. It may be a week or more, before we start to see some green in the underbrush and grass. We are seeing lots and lots of Canandian geese. In the air, in field where corn grew, in small lakes and ponds. and noisy. These around here can be heard very well.

The hawk I've been watching is still around. I see it land in a tree, or on a fence rail every now and then, then take off again. It seems to like to fly the back yard and will flash by the window so fast it's a white streak. I thin i'ts a young bird and still finding it's wings a bit. The cardanels are flirting with each other in the underbrush. The blue Jays are having aireal battles above the ground, vie for each other affection or terratory. Never know for sure just which.

Beth's dog Molly, is a Black Retriver. Some one around here tosses out "intresting" trash. She brings it to "her" yard and not the yard looks like a dump. If I was feeling better, I'd take a few minutes and go pick it all up and get it taken care of. With a hacking cough, and weak bladder control. I'll wait. I sneeze I wee, I laugh hard, I may have a damp spot, but when I cough. it seems like a river flows. laugh. I do... it's life. I just keep a heavy towel folded thick, under my bottom where I sit and change it as it gets soaked. I don't have to have it all the time, but it's embarrasing if I go out and it happenes. When I have a cough like this, I don't go out much at all.

Beth has a friend with a car for sale. She and Jerry have left to go check it out and see if it's worth the amount he's asking for it. The van she drives is on it's last legs. I think we will end up with it on our insurace for a bit, until Beth can afford her own on it.

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