Monday, January 4, 2016

Good Morning, Jan 4, 2016

Good Morning,
I hope your day is going well so far. Have you had to write "2016" yet? Did you first write 2015 then had to change it? I know it will take me a little while to get it right.  Our weather is great for this time of the year. We are a bit cloudy right now and our high is suppose to be close to 40F. Even with the sun out that will be coldish.  I am wearing a sweat shirt for the first time this season. I love to wear sweats when it's cool outside. This one is maroon and I have on brown sweat pants to go with it.  We should be back into the mid 50's by the end of the week.
The Grand kids spent two nights with us this past weekend. The dogs loved it. WE took a walk down to the lake side on Saturday and Barney went right in. He just loves to swim. Macon got wet as well but not his whole body. just his lower legs.. Rocky just got his toes wet and that was all he was going to do. Barney kept trying to get Macon to go on into the water and get more wet. On Sunday, the kids took the dogs for another walk and when they came back, Macon smelled awful. It seems that he rolled in the grass in several places and one of those places was where someone emptied their fish holding tank and Macon was very happy with himself to have found it. He wasn't so happy that I took him back outside and rinsed him off. At least I used warm water and not just tap water to get the stink off of him. Pee U did he smell bad. The girls laughed at watching him try to avoid getting his shower.
We are eating out tonight since I need to do some food shopping. We put it off for too long and the kids being here emptied my larder even more. I told Jerry that we can go to the Piggly wiggly instead of Wal-mart since it's closer and the prices are about the same and I only need to buy for the rest of the work week since he's going to take Friday off and I can shop again then.  
Anymore, I DVR the morning news so I can go through an hours worth of program and hear only the things I'm interested in. Right now is a morning story on a new diet book. The premis isn't new, just a new way to look at what is eaten and which to eat first (Proteins) and what to eat last (Carbs) Next I'll watch the first of the "700 Club" for their take on the news. Then will erase the rest of it and watch the early morning news for the stories from the weekend and over night that I may have missed.
I got to watch the first episode of "Downtown Abby" last night and want to watch it again here in a bit to catch what I missed last night. IThe dogs distracted me a couple of times.
Have you got all your Christmas down and put away yet? I took down our tree yesterday, It only took a few seconds because it was a sticker on the wall.  The kids got a kick out of my sticker tree and all agreed it was the perfect place to put it. Today I need to clean up the camper and take down the rest of the Christmas but leave up the "New Year" decorations until the end of the week.
I found where I had put my tablet and picked up where I had left off in a book I was reading from the Kindle app. Now I can't remember my pass code and will have to lose everything on it to restart it. Oh bummer... I will have to see if Jerry can retrieve the pass code before I do that.
After I get the major parts of the camper cleaned up, I want to start working on a new dress for Bailey. She picked out the material for this one and I want to get it done before her birthday. She picked out a material with colored zigzag stripes in it. I bought what was left on the bolt and hope to have enough to also make Little Heather a dress or skirt as well.
 I need to replace my tart warmer. Macon hit the able I was on and spilt some of he wax onto the Dish Receiver and some of the wax dripped around to the underside of the warmer and I don't trust it any more. They are cheap enough that I think it is safer to replace than worry about it catching fire from the wax being too close to the element. I need to change the scent anyway. I'm getting tired of the Cinnamon Candy sent nd want something new for the New Year.
Well, I really need to get up from this computer and get the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up so I can get to the rest of the camper s well.   It's not "Dirt" just that there is a lot of things out of place so it's cluttered.

May your day be blessed and full of love.
May you find joy in the small things of the day
May you find something to smile about today.

Billie C.

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