Tuesday, January 12, 2016

For Today ... Jan 7

For Today ... Jan 7

I learned last Wednesday that, around 8pm, My Friend Donna had passed away earlier in the day. Her service was on Friday at 1:30. I know she is no longer in pain and that she is at peace. I will miss her a lot.

Outside my door ...
It's a bit cloudy this morning, and not as warm as it was yesterday morning at this time.  We have a chance of rain later this afternoon into the night and tomorrow morning. While I was taking the dogs out, one at a time, I saw some birds gathering in a tree. They were noisy, as well.

The Dogs ...
Are back in their room. They got into the trash and spread it around the kitchen area so now they will spend most of the day in there.

From the kitchen...
I bought some pork patties the other day. I don't think they are "Sausage" but just all meat patties. They are pre cooked so all I have to do is warm them up. I have some potatoes in the Freezer that I'll put in the crock pot this afternoon, and will mash them up just before serving. I will have to check the canned goods tub to see what vegetables.

I am hearing...
The heater fan, Morning news on the TV. the dogs moving around in their room

I am wearing...
The Flannel Nightgown that Donna gave me the first time I went over to her home three years ago. After I get my shower, Black sweat pants Blue top. Red Earrings

I am thinking...
About how quickly Donna and I, Her Hubby and mine, and her sister and brother in la, all became great friends in such a short amount of time. We would meet up at an auction, or go eat out, or just hang out at her home from time to time when we first met. Then we had to move but Donna and I kept in touch and she was a moderator for one of my Yahoo groups (Teri's crafts Newsletter) I knew she was scared of dying, but when the news came, she was much braver than she knew. She shed her tears, but she also faced it straight on and fought her battle with cancer with a vengeance. She loved life, cooking, sewing and playing the piano for her Church.

I am thankful for... Having Donna as my friend, even though it was only for a short amount of time. We packed a lot in these years and had a blast. I was there for her to talk to when she couldn't talk to her family. She didn't want them to know how scared she was. She didn't want Larry to know how afraid she was of leaving him alone once she passed. Larry died back in November and I find that a comfort because it would have been too hard on him to have watched her these past few weeks.

I am hoping... That Kenny and Sister, know comfort and will be at peace, knowing that Donna is no longer in pain and is so well thought of by all of her friends.

A few plans for today... Straighten up the camper, make dinner, take care of the dogs. work on a craft... not in that order

A few plans for the rest of the week... Go to the class tomorrow. I can not reschedule it because I have no way to get to it. Keep the camper cleaned up. work on sewing or crafting.


Billie C.

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