Tuesday, January 19, 2016

For Today ... Jan 19

For Today ...  Jan 19

Hello and Good Afternoon
Yesterday, Jerry and I had appointments with our PCP. Just our quartely routine visit. but I did tell him that my left back is still hurting and that it's getting worse and worse. It has gone from a 4 or 5 to a 7 or 8 over the last few weeks. I will have another ultrasound, just to see if it's still a kidney stone or something else is going on. Jerry is still working on trying to get us signed up for insurance. 
We had the grandkids over te weekend and took them home yesterday. (No school due to MLK day) and they behaved very well, until their mom showed up.  (figures) We picked them up on Saturday instead of having their mom bring them to us, because I needed a hair cut and her friend who does that, could work me in.  It was fun watching her tint my daughter's hair and then cut the grand kids hair as well.
Sunday, I had hoped to do laundry but going shooting took much longer than I thought it would. The kids had a blast and we all got good and cold. It was fun. I helped Corbin with his BB Gun. Making him understand that, although it's BB's, it's still a gun. The men who were on the Rifle side were very kind to him, and helped him understand that it is a Gun and not a Toy. His armes got tired of pumping it three or four times each time he went to fire it.  He was hitting all around a cola bottle that was floating in some water about 15 to 20 foot out from the set up area.  Every time one of the men needed to go check their targets, they made sure I had control of his rifle. Showing him that it was being respected. He also got to shoot about  30 rounds through a .22, under Grandpa's supervision. Bailey put about 150 rounds through it as well. We were all pistol shooting at the same target so I can't say how many times she hit the target but we do know she caught the target several times. I shot the .40 and the 9mm and the .22. I think I'll stick with the .22. it doesn't have the kick the other two have. but I will shoot them again, next time we go target shooting, just to get use to how they handle.
Outside my door ... Today is Sunny but Cold. There is ice near the driveway and I can't get Barney to play in it. I'm guessing he's forgotten how to slid on ice since it's been so very long.  We are suppose to get snow and rain early tomorrow and all day long. I sure hope I have an afternoon appointment so that the worst is over with before we leave to go back to Dunlap. 
The Dogs ...  I tried to show Barney some Ice along the driveway so he could go sliding, he didn't want to do that. but then again maybe it wasn't frozen hard enough.  There's a chance he will want to play in it later. Barney has gotten in trouble by jumping out and  running off before he's on a line. He's had to spend the morning in a kennel and I made good and sure he was clipped before I opened the door for him this afternoon. He's not going to like that he will be clipped before the door is opened over the next few days. While I had Barney out, I cleaned up the yard.
Look who is peeking out from under the door in hopes that the kids will let them out again.
From the kitchen... I'm making dinner in the Crock Pot today. First I opened a can of green beans and rinsed before I put them in the bottom of our larger Crock Pot. I then washed up two smallish potatoes and put them on top of the green beans. I then laid 5 Brats on top of the potatoes. I'll fix a salad after Jerry texts me that he's on his way home. I don't think we will have dessert tonight. I'm sure he's going to want to head to bed as soon as he eats if he gets cold.
I am hearing... I'm catching up with the shows I DVR's over the last few days. Right now I'm on Monday's Y&R.  I'll be caught up soon on most of my shows. We watched NCIS with the kids over the weekend and I will not remove those after we watch them until the kids get to come visit again to get a chance to see them.
I am wearing... Black Sweat pants, with a white with black pipping top. I put in yellowish flower earrings this morning.
I am reading...  I haven't pick out the next book yet.
I am hoping... That the weather isn't too bad tomorrow.
I am creating... I got 5 more Cricut Carts in the mail over the weekend. I had two of them already so I am in hopes of selling them. I want to get out the Cricut and cut some paper after a little while.
I need to finish the card I started for baby Heather.
One of my favorite things...  Having the Grandkids over for a while.. and taking them back home again, as well.
A few plans for the rest of today... Sweep and vacuum the middle parts of the camper,then getting out my Cricut for a little bit
A few plans for the rest of the week... After my Appointment, I want to start a dress for Bailey and maybe one for me, as well.

May your day be blessed and full of love.
May you find joy in the small things of the day
May you find something to smile about today.

Billie C.

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