Monday, January 11, 2016

For Today ... Jan 11

For Today ... Jan 11
Howdy, and Good Morning. Jerry is home not feeling well. I think he got chilled yesterday and has gotten chilled more than once this past week which is not helping him to feel any better.. I'm not doing much better myself. I have a headache that just does not want to go away.

Outside my door ...  It's Sunny but cold. Predicted high is around 40 but it's going to be a struggle to get that high and tomorrow morning is to be much colder than the 27 we were this morning. For this area of the country that's very cold.  The weather forecast is calling for even more colder days next week. I am not looking forward to that at all.

The Dogs ... Are worried about Jerry being home. They all checked on him after they got their early morning outing. Rocky gets to sleep with us most nights. When he gets grumpy at one of us for making him get out of the bed in the middle of the night because we have to get up out of the bed, he gets to spend the next night in the kennel in the room with the other dogs.. he doesn't like that at all so he's been much better about getting out of the way of our getting out of bed at 2 am. Macon has been very lovy dovy on both of us the last few days. He doesn't want to get too far from either one of us. Barney got to play ball outside for a little bit. He snuck it out when he was last to potty and so I allowed him to have time chasing the ball. When he refused to give it back to me to toss again the game was over and back into the camper we went.
Yesterday, on the second outing, Barney and Macon has a surprise when I opened the door. There was a small flock of Canadian Geese just outside the door. Macon was not on his line and I'm surprised that he didn't jump out anyway... Barney came out and gave a little chase but he didn't hit the end of the lead.  Of course the Geese were all aflutter and noisy and upset... but once they realized that the dog was Not chasing them turned around and were all like 'What the... and looking and honking and smoothing down their feathers. When it was Macon's turn to come out, he hiked his leg but kept watching them to see if they were going to move or not.  He has always had a fascination with birds.
From the kitchen... I really don't know what I'll be making for our dinner tonight. a lot will depend on how Jerry feels and what he wants. I'm guessing nothing to spicy or heavy right now.
I am hearing... CBS Morning news. I DVR the news so I can catch it when ever I get up if I go back to bed once Jerry leaves for work. Which happens more and more in winter than is summer. I hear birds outside from time to time, as well.

I am wearing... Black Sweat pants and a purple sweater with butterflies on it. I haven't put in any earrings just yet.
I decided on wearing purple earrings.
I am thankful for... Today's Sunshine as it will help warm the camper. Running water and indoor plumbing.

I am hoping... That Jerry just needs a days' rest to feel better. When he gets up this afternoon I am going to ask that we go refill the empty propane tanks so we are not trying to find propane in the middle of the night if we run out during this or the next cold spell we are having. It is winter so we must expect to run out from time to time.

I am creating...  I finished the wooden spoons and now will have to find another unfinished project to work on.
One of my favorite things... watching Barney playing outside.

A few plans for today... Cleaning up the main area of the camper and still looking for some papers we have mis-placed

A few plans for the rest of the week... keeping up the camper, finding those papers, keeping warm.

Billie C.

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