Monday, January 11, 2016

Decorating the handles of wooden spoons

Decorating the handles of wooden spoons
I saw this and posted it in the Teri's Crafts Newsletter last month.  I had planned on doing these for my Daughter, Heather for her Christmas but could not find my wood burning tool. I knew I had it, the grand kids had used it over summer.  Of course it would be after Christmas before I found it, behind a box on the lower bunk bed in the front of the camper. I swear I looked for it there two weeks before Christmas.
I try not to give things that you have to work with such as pans, dishes or vacuum cleaners but she had a setback with her Ex cleaning out the kitchen of not only his stuff but hers as well, when he moved out right before Christmas. She's still finding out things that he took with him. I was able to help with some kitchen things but not everything she needed or wanted. Her daughter mentioned that there were not wooden spoons left in the house. I found two packs left at Wal-mart for 98 cents a pack. I will do the second pack in a different pattern some other time.
My Friend, Donna, passed away the day before I did these. I needed a craft to do that I could sink into and concentrate on and not worry about anything else for the day. This craft, for all 4 items, took me about 3 hours. I took a few breaks. I took my time.
I forgot to take a "before I start anything" picture. This is the first picture I took. I tried to hand draw some squiggly lines, circles and such but quickly figured out that "I" was not going to be able to do that. You might be able to, but not me, not this day. The marks at the top half of the spoon are part of the lines I drew and are not part of the pattern I ended up with.
To protect my table, I placed this block of wood under the spoon. It's much harder to use the wood burning tool on. This tool came with several tips but I chose the chisel tip because I can get both lines and shading out of it.
I took a rest when I got this far on the first spoon. Yes, it has a flat tip and looks more like a scraping spoon than a stirring spoon.
Here it is, almost finished. I added a couple of lines after another spoon, much shorter ended up with lines, so they would all look alike. I used the tip to put an "H" on the end of the handle.
 Here is a good comparison of all 4 spoons, laid side by side
I have an idea of trying this shading next time I am making this craft instead of keeping all the edges even.
Here is the finished spoons, ready to wrap and give to our daughter, with many happy meals ahead.

Billie C.

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