Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jan 5

For Today ... 01 05 16
Good Morning From a cold Tennessee Morning. The sun is still hiding behind the hill so it's going to be a while before I see it and it starts to warm up the camper. Living by a lake is beautiful but the wind blowing across the water makes it a cold wind, as well.But even though it's winter, the grass is still mostly green and still trying to grow. The Sun finally made it over the top of the hill about 8:15 and started to warm up the camper. We ran out of propane at 9. I texted Jerry that we are out and I hope to hear from him to find out when he plans to refill the tanks.
Mike came over and asked to borrow our large light to thaw his waterlines under the camper he's in. Worked well because he brought it back in less that 15 minutes

The dogs don't much care for this colder weather at all. Unless I'm tossing a ball for Barney, even he just wants to get out, potty then run back inside. They all forget that I need to take the lead off before they can leave the doorway, but they are getting much better at jumping into the camper, turning around and letting me get it off.  They don't want to lay on the floor.  I know it's colder on the floor but I really don't want them on the bench or the couch either. I will have to lay some blankets on both and take them off for company or everyone will be covered in dog hair. The grand kids love the dogs but don't like all the left over dog hair that gets on their clothes.

Today, I'm going to cook in the crock pot. I'll brown some burger and add a jar of Pasta Sauce to it and let it simmer for a couple of hours before Jerry gets home tonight. Dessert will be Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Crackers. It's been a while since I made those and it's a special treat to have from time to time. Well, So much for planning out dinner... Ran out of Propane so I can't cook the noodles.  I may still do the burger in a foreman grill, and put it in a crock pot with pasta sauce, but I don't know how I'm going to get noodles cooked.

I am hearing... CBS Morning news, the blower for the heater and the dogs snoring.Soon as it gets light enough, the dogs will get even noisier because I'll be putting on my coat and taking each out for their first morning potty. I need to check in the storage space for a couple of heavy coats for Jerry. He said that the long range forecast is calling for colder weather next week.
Well, I did look while I was looking for the light for Mike, they are not there so they have to be in the storage in Dunlap.

I am wearing... Sweats this morning. Black Sweat pants and a Maroon sweat top.  If I stay cold(ish) I'll go find a cap to put on. I'll get either a knitted one or one I made years ago to  wear while we were doing Re-enacting events. I want to make a couple more of them.

I am reading... Hum... instructions on how to reset the pass code for my IPad.  I'm bummed in that I will have to reload everything because I can't recall the  four number code for it. I've been trying to load ITunes but even that is not working as it should and keeps saying I need to download the one for 64 bit. When I do that, nothing happens. I'll have to have Jerry try it cause I'm sure it's some small stupid thing that I'm missing.

I am thinking... about what I need to get done today.  I need to find Jerry's coats if they are here with us. I need to take the trash to the bin and I need to put away the rest of Christmas
*** update ***
Coats are not in the storage
All of Christmas has been put in a box
Still need to take the trash to the bin. A walk later.

I am thankful for... The good weather we have had so far. Not having to walk through snow or on ice is a blessing.

I am hoping... That Jerry gets at least one day off this weekend.

I am creating...  I want to work on Bailey's Dress some time today. I may have to get the small table out of the basement (back storage of the camper)
One of my favorite things... Staying here by the lake in the off season where it's nice and quiet. I hardly see anyone, but yet I know there are people close by if I need help.

A few plans for today... house chores,Take down and put away the rest of Christmas decorations and  sewing or at least cutting out the dress.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Keeping the camper cleaned, cooking dinners and on Friday, enjoying the day with Jerry and Heather.

I painted my fingernails yesterday late afternoon. I used the magnifier I bought after Christmas so I could see what I was doing. I do need to paint earlier in the day so I have better light to see by. I painted them Black and put a sparkly silver glitter coat on top of that. It looks like the night sky with stars.
I have lots and lots of errings. I am trying to wear a different pair each day.
Todays' earrings are black and purple and match what I am wearing
I wore these owl earrings yesterday. I bought them just before Christmas
Wore these on the third. I put one my dragon earring in the afternoon but kept the matching earring in my left ear.
Even though my hair is still short, I feel like I need to get it cut soon.

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