Wednesday, January 13, 2016

For Today ... Jan 13

For Today ...  Jan 13
Good Afternoon.  I've been busy after two days of not feeling so good. I'm still not "good, but I'm better than what I was. I've gotten the kitchen and the bathroom do so far and the Dinning room is next.
The sun is shining and making the camper very warm. I kinda wish Merry was here to enjoy the natural heat with me. He's at work and today he's working 12 hours. Oh bummer and him not feeling well either. I expect that he will come home, eat dinner, shower then go to bed and hope to feel better in the morning.
I plan on letting each dog spend as much time as each wants outside. I may even use all three leads and let them all out at the same time. I need to pick up the poop out of the yard anyway and that is going to take me a few extra minutes.  I'll then toss the ball for Barney. I have to be careful to not throw it too far so he gets to the end of the longest lead we have (after it's un-tied) or he will bark and whin for me to hurry up and go get it for him. He's not spoiled much now is he.  He's such and cute little thing that really thinks he's a very large dog.  He's full of energy, when he's not sleeping that is.
From the kitchen...
I'm going to bread some pork chops and cook in a skillet, I'm not sure just yet if I'm going to fix rice or Mac and Cheese as our starch and I have a salad makings in the fridge to fix up for our greens. I may also steam some Broccolie and carrots for me. Jerry is not a fan of either.
 What's for breakfast?
1/2 c Oatmeal, 2 T peanut butter, 1/4 cup raisins, 2 T Sugar Free Maple syrup, 1/4 t cinnamon, dash salt, 1 cup water
I am hearing... Y&R is on right now. I've been watching the shows I missed while Jerry was home.. There isn't a lot of them and most are repeats anyway.  I want to start playing a CD a day so that I can do something else that just watch the tv each day.
I am wearing...  Black Sweat pants and a purple t-shirt. I had on a blue sweat shirt but it got too hot to wear in here. I found a tub of coats while looking for Jerry's bib  Carhart over-all  and need to pick out only two coats each and put the rest back ou out of the way. They are all tossed on the couch and are in the way.
I am reading... Marion Zimmer-Bradely's Bride Price (finished it, it's a very short story) and her Dark-over, First Contact.  I've read it before but have forgotten most of the story.
I am thinking...  How grateful I am that we are not having snow right now. It's bad enough that it's been so cold, but we have been lucky to not have snow on top of it. 
I am thankful for... Living in Tennessee right now. Iowa was cold enough last year. I really do not want to get that cold again. This camper is really nice and, although we are having a few issues, over-all it's in very good shape and is comfortable for us.
I am hoping... That the rest of winter is this mild. Last year, Tennesse had a lot of snow last year and I know that they are not  use to dealing with it. The kids loved being out of school but yet they had to go to school way late in the year and then had to go back in early August to make up for some of their snow days from last year. 
I am creating... Space to work in. that is, I'm cleaning up the camper so I don't feel guilty for crafting while there's housework to be done.
One of my favorite things... Playing and watching the dogs play outside. Barney ha the most fun, chasing his ball and chasing Macon when he can. 
A few plans for today... Finish my daily list and then find a project to finish up.  I may work on decorating a sweat shirt. I do that so I can tell mine from Jerry's since I'm much more comfortable in a man's sweat shirt than those made for a woman.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I need to do laundry but the car battery is dead and I didn't want Jerry working on it last night in the dark, after we had dinner out then went and got more propane so we don't run out and not have a spare tank to put on. that we we are cold only for as long as it takes to switch tanks. The man laughed when I asked if we could get our tanks refilled cause I told him  "we are here on oour by weekly propane tank refill. He said he knows what that's like.
Mike came by, at his grandmother insistance to make sure it was okay to keep our light for another couple of days.  He knew it was okay but she wanted to make sure it was okay with us. That haligen light can put out some heat.


May your day be blessed and full of love.
May you find joy in the small things of the day
May you find something to smile about today.

Billie C.

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