Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good Afternoon

Jerry is napping and I'm just staying cool. Oh man do I love this spot. It is soooo much cooler than where we were before. The shade makes a huge difference.  It's over 100 F outside but nice and comfy inside. Not having to juggle between having the air on or turn on the water heater.
Yesterday was hot and the van wanted to over-heat while we were going back for my plants and a few other things we had left behind.  We were just praying that it would get us to the campground we had been at. Parked in the shade and Jerry poured water bottle after water bottle into the radiator. (of course the motor was running so it wouldn't crack the block) After about 8 bottles of water it started to cool down, but was still running hot.  More water finally got it to come down. We picked up about 1/2 of my plants, the propane tanks and some of my plants.. and we "limped" it back home. all 4 miles or so of driving, in the sun, at 2 PM. (hottest part of the day)  We decided to wait until this morning to go get the rest of our things left behind. The propane grill, my small tubs of plants, pick up the wood and pile it back nice and neat. A few other odds and ends left on the table. And so we left the campground looking almost as nice as when we moved into it back last August.
Last night was "Light Up the Cumberland" and we got to see a fantastic fireworks show. practically outside our front door. We moved over by an oak tree to watch them. Sooo loud though, I'm sure Macon was jumping out of his skin inside his kennel inside the camper. He had a touch of Diarrhea this morning from the stress of it but he's not in trouble for making a mess in his kennel but I bet ol Barney was sure happy to get all that washed off once we got back home from our trip into Clarksville to get all the shopping done at Wal-mart. We could have stopped at Hill Top but there wasn't that much on my list and we already had to go to Wal-mart for a new sewer hose anyway.  I found another Cartridge for my Cricut and that was nice at 1/2 price. I found lots of things in the discount area and I picked up what I could to make a few things. I also picked up some more material to make more caps for my Sister in Law. I have one done, ready to send to her for a size check before I make any more.  I also picked up some material to make me a long blouse or dress. Not sure just what I'm going to make out of it, yet. I have two patterns .
The van ran a bit hot but not as hot as it was yesterday. Jerry is going to have Firestone flush the radiator. The closest appointment they have that we can get it in is on the 14 Th.

Billie C.

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jana said...

you did'nt tell us you were moving the camper. i'm so happy that you found a cooler space. i know how that dreaded heat is. we're hovering around 105 and will be hotter next week. mother nature is so mad at all of us this summer, lol! jana