Monday, July 23, 2012

For Today ... July 23, 2012

For Today ... July 23, 2012
Hello ! It's been a while since I used the journaling worksheet to write up anything so I thought I wouls start using it, again.
Saturday, Breakfast at Golden Corral. Cash the check at Wal-mart. Shop at a small road side flea market. Found a nice bone handled knife for $30. A Wii game, a couple of CD's, some scented oil for a diffuser.

Sunday. Breakfast in Dover, A excursion to Paris. Turn around and come back home. (it was less than an hour to drive to Paris) We were looking for the road to a state park, and we missed it. We might go back, next weekend.Jerry not feeling good. Not feeling bad, but not feeling good either. I was like that last week.
I timed how long it took us to get home, as we passed the Save a Lot store, about 30 minutes, which is faster than going to Hill Top, and there is a Piggy Wiggly that is less than a minute more away. We may go there this next week for our grocries. Don't know yet. It take us at least 50 minutes to drive home from Hill Top. We don't like the Piggly Wiggly in Erin, it just "feels" greasy when we are in there.
We left to do the laundry around 4 pm, and didn't get home until close to 9 pm. That's because we saw an ad on the TV right before leaving, for a way to make cola's at home. We went to Dickson (an hours' drive) and picked up one, Ate dinner at Arby's (we like Arby's) before stopping at Wal-mart for a Cola maker. Picked up some flavorings for the water while we were getting it, as it comes with 6 samples. We got Root Beer, Diet Cola, Diet Pete, and Lemon Lime. I'm thinking of making up some concentrated tea, to try out, And maybe some concentrated drink mix to add to the water, as well. The first bottle we "made" wasn't really all that fizzy, but the one I made this morning was much better.

I trimmed Jerry hair and beard Sunday afternoon. I went shorter than he wanted, I think. but he said it was very hot, and wanted it shorter. I forgot to take his picture after I was done. one side looks longer than the other, but I think that's because part is laying down and the other side is sticking up.
Outside my door ... (4:30am) it's still dark. High in the mid 90's today. I'm thinking of putting the cover of the canopy on the frame today. I'm trying to stay awake this morning (we will see if I fall asleep while I'm typing this up) so I can do a few things outside before it gets too warm to move. I want to move my plants to around the back, around the canopy (make it feel like an outside room) move the water hose to our site, and around back. Clean up where the dogs potty
(10am) according to Accuweather it's 74F outside. It's pleasant, unless your having to move around a lot. I broke a good sweat just moving my pots around and then watering every thing.

The Dogs ... Barney "discovered" how to get at least the front half of him wet, in a dish pan. He dives his head under the water. So funny! I picked up a cloth "ball" at Bills warehouse, and he and Macon love it. They play keep away with each other with it. I hope to play ball with both of them today, either out front or in the back. I'm not wanting to move the picnic table around back, just our chairs and the plants. The grill and the table, I want to leave out front.
The Cats ... Are good to remind me I need to feed them in the afternoon. We have "smelled" a skunk around here a couple of night. I have to remember to bring in the cat food dishes before dark now. That may be what attracts it to our area. They like being outside. I need to put a water dish outside for them. So far, they have been coming into the camper to drink water, but when I water my plants they drink from either the saucers or from around the water faucet. They are all starting to put on weight, They ran off all the extra weight they had while we were at Elk Harbor (now called Momma D's)
From the kitchen...
BBQ meatballs, Salad, Alfredo noodles, Peanut Butter Fudge.
I plan on cooking outside today. First I need to use a extension cord and plug the air conditioner in to the 110 outlet at our power box. Otherwise I'll have to reset the breaker every time the air conditioner comes on. I have some meatballs that I'm thinking of cooking in some BBQ sauce and have as sandwiches. I'll make a Salad. I might make Alfredo noodles and serve the meatballs over noodles instead of having them in sandwiches. I have a recipe for peanut butter fudge that I want to try.
3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup milk
Put above ingredients in saucepan, and stirring constantly,
watch for this to come to boil.
Time it at slow boil for 3 min. exactly. Remove from heat, and stir in quickly 1 cup peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
Immediately, pour into buttered dish, let cool slightly and cut into squares.

(made the fudge at 5:30) Easy enough to make, but a very large plate would be needed. I quickly sprayed a small baking pan and poured into that) I do remember Jerry's mom making Peanut Butter Fudge and pouring it onto a buttered plate, but her's was much thicker and stood up, not spread out, when she poured it onto the plate.

My early lunch is a ham sandwich and a bit of cheese.
I am hearing... (4:30) Morning news. Fans blowing, Air conditioner. I'll change the setting on the air to energy saver, so even the fan turns off until the compressor turns on to cool the room with it.
(9:30) after talking to Beth, I came inside and Racheal Ray is on, Guy Fierro was on, talking about what is comfort food. Food your Momma use to make for you when you either did good, or needed comforting. then Jo Frost(Super Nanny) was on. Talking about soothing a baby to sleep for nap time and how they can learn to fall asleep on their own at bed time if you make it a routine. Next is a chicken pot pie. Sure can tell she made this episode in Fall.
I am wearing... (4:30) black Capri PJ bottoms, Black shorty top, Not long enough to be a dress, too long to be a blouse. not right for a baby doll top either. It has no sleeves and is a bit low cut (for me)
(10am) Dark Grey cut of sweat pants (shorts) and a purple and pink splattered shirt that Bailey Made for me on our last visit to her home.

I am reading... I finished H10N1 over the weekend. The ending left me wanting to know more, but over all it's a good read. Not as good as Stephen Kings. "The Stand" but good read. Make you think about what you would want to "hoard" if there is a pandemic. I think the barbarian attiitude of the survivors was a bit over played. Now I'm reading . "Pathologies" a collection of short stories. very short and not all make much sense. I did like the one titled "My Parole"
I am hoping... That the truly high heat, stays north of us. The humidy is up, of course, but at least we are not looking at 100 or more temps. I hope to sit outside each day and read for a little bit. I want to make the area beind the camper, under the canopy a small haven for relaxing and reading.
I am creating... Today, I need to cut out 4 caps. I have the patterns ready. I picked up a cutting mat and rotery cutter to help make cutting things out go smoother.
One of my favorite things... Sitting outside, in an area I have created just for sitting, and watching hummingbirds come to the freshly filled feeder.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I made a "to do" list last night. I have been doing this a couple of weeks, now. It's working ok. I still need to check the older lists and see what I need to add to this weeks list.

Around the house...
Up at 3am
made Jerry's breakfast ( Ramein Soup, Sausage, Eggs)
made some diet cola ( my first try at this, not bad)
Took out the dogs
Figured out menu's for the week
Texted Jerry about address numbers. They were transposed
Wrote the 4am journal entries (this page)
Switched the air to energy saver, raised the temp from 70 to 74
Made the Peanut Butter Fudge
Made Hummingbird necture (used last of our Sugar)
Started a grocery list (on paper) for the week
read a few emails
meds and breakfast
changed clothes
take cat food dishes outside, after sunrise
took "before" pictures of back area
put out hummingbird feeder
hung a wind chime near hummingbird feeder
moved candle holders and white plant stand to other side of camperdead-headed flowers and put them on other side of camper between legs and between candle holders
set the two step stools on other side of camper,each at a leg of the canopy.
moved Aloe and Sea Onion to candle stands
moved catnip to one of the step stools.
Took the dogs out
scooped the poop out of the yard
down loaded pictures from my camera
Beth called, we got to talk about 30 minutes before my phone battery died on me.
Before I moved stuff around
After I moved things around.

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