Friday, July 6, 2012

Good Afternoon

Weather according to Accuweather is 87 (at 10 am) with a high expected around 104 today and 105 tomorrow. Even with the windows closed off and the air on high it's going to get hot in here. Sunday will feel cooler at 95, and by Tuesday we may onyl be 88. That will feel cooler.

I'm up late this morning (9am ish) I had a bit of a rough night. First off, my bed got soaked from the water the air conditioner spits out when it gets really humid. Maybe Jerry can take care of that this weekend. Then, just as we were all going to sleep the neighbor across the way, started firing off fireworks. Never mind the county is under a burn ban. Add to that, when I looked out the window, there were two fires going. Why they needed two, I have no idea. When I got up in the middle of the night the two fires were still going well, someone was sitting at the table between them. I checked to see how wet was my bed and it was much dryer so I laid a thick towel over the dampness and tried to sleep in my own bed. That worked out, somewhat. The alarm went off at 3 am (as usual) and I got up to make Jerry's breakfast. I was going to fix him a can of Corned Beef Hash and Eggs, He asked for the two hamburger that were left from the 4th, Ramein soup and eggs. I just had to change pans for cooking in as the one in my hand is almost too small cook the soup in, and the handle gets hot when I do.
I had to take the dogs out after I got his meal made, and that went well.
I headed back to Jerry's bed once he left here. I did wake up around 7, but only long enough to turn over and go back to sleep.

Yesterday, I left the door and windows open almost all day long. The Dish man took over 4 hours, and we have poor service. He suggested a non-HD box that might fix the problem. The problem is too much cable between the dish and the camper. over 400 foot. It's just too far the carry the signal. It's not expected to be carried more than about 250 foot.
Today, I need to water my plants, try to raise the canopy by myself. if not. then it will have to wait until Sunday. I'm getting tired of how it looks where it's at and will at least move it closer to the camper.
I need to do the cleaning that I put off from yesterday. I never expected it to take him over 4 hours. Laura brought me back a dress I had hemmed for her. showed me where it was not right and then asked if I could also put some cups in a top for her grand daughter. I think I can do that but I'll need my glasses to do that. I may work on that tomorrow

For dinner, I'm thinking of putting some meatballs in some BBQ Sauce in the crock pot outside the door, and just make sandwiches with that. I have cantaloupe I think I'll cut up for dessert and add a few grapes to that.
The dogs are doing much better, health wise and none seem to have the runs any more.
They all got a visit from my young neighbor across the way while I was trying to hear what the Dish man was saying. considering I wasn't right there by them, they did well. She convinced Rocky to not jump on her. Barney got into it with Macon over the attention so Macon backed off but in the end they all three got some loving from her. She has a good mid sized dog, and is doing well with her. I really need to get that canopy up so I can start feeding the Hummingbirds again.
My garden has survived the move well. One of the leafs of the Elephant Ear didn't do well but the rest look great. I need to move them closer to the camper but I'm not sure Jerry is finished with trying to level the camper up front, just yet.

I found the cut up card stock I did for a rosette and worked on putting that together yesterday. I still need to find the centers and some good glue to see if that's all I need. If I have time today, I think I'll pull out my beads and work on something.
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