Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whats on your agenda today? 7/19/12

Jerry and I were in bed early last night. He got weathered out an hour early. Tried to call me but my phone was turned off. I had not started dinner yet, so we went to Fritz's for dinner (Chicken strips, potatoes, salad and a roll) We came back home, turned on the TV, and both of us were falling asleep within minutes. I didn't even take the dogs out. We went to bed. I was up at 9 PM, to take the dogs out (their normal time) then right back to bed. We get up at 3 am verses the 3:30 before his job switched start time from 7 am to 6 am. and I'll tell you that 30 minutes makes a big difference for some reason. The last few days I've just felt like I was dragging myself around. Barely getting anything done. I would head back to bed almost as soon as Jerry left for work, and still wake up feeling tired.  I think we both got most of our sleep caught up last night.
I did get Laura's dress re-hemmed and the swimsuit top fixed for her granddaughter who goes back to her mom this weekend. But I've not worked on any thing else I wanted to work on, so far this week. 
I had planned on Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese for yesterday's dinner. Today's menu is pinto beans with ham, corn bread, Salad and a Jello no-bake dessert.
I went back to bed at 5 and was up just before 8, feeling so much that I did when I got up at 10 yesterday.
med's and breakfast
took the dogs out. let them pee and poop, then tied to a tree while I watered my plants. I've been neglecting them and need to dead head the flowers soon. I transplanted my Roma tomato to a larger container and put it on a block of wood at the front of the camper so I won't forget it.
I set the shepherd's hooks at the legs of the canopy. I still need to zip tie them to the legs to stabilize both the legs better and the hooks from swaying side to side.
I plan on ironing some material and cutting out a couple of caps for SIL.
I need to clean up in the camper. the floor really needs to have the vacuum

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