Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012, Morning

July 25, 2012
Well. Jerry brought home some "news"  this may well be the last week on this job. The company is losing money and from what he gathered is not being paid.  Of course, that's just rumor.   That does not mean we will be moving, but that we may be moving. Another company on the job, is needing workers and was asking for those who didn't want to leave the area, to put their name on a list. Jerry put his name on that list.

 If we do end up moving, I'll be leaving most of my "garden" behind. I need to harvest most of the herbs any way. As they are staring to suffer from the heat.  The tomatoes and flowers I'll leave with Lizzy. She's the neighbor girl and I think she will enjoy them as much as I have.  I'll also leave her the candle holders and the pillar stand I bought this spring. The only plants I want to take are the Aloe, Hen and Chicks, and Sea Onion. I would like to take my elephant ear, Especally if we go to Flordia, but if there isn't any room for it, it stays behind. I didn't have to pay for it, it was free and I have enjoyed it a lot.

We would like to take our grill and fire pit, but we paid less that $50 each and if we don't have room, can replace when we get elsewhere. If I have to leave them behind, I'll give them to Lizzy's family. I know they can use the fire pit as they only have a ring of concrete bricks, but they have a large smoker.. of course they may prefer the smaller grill for all I know.
(love my fire pit even if we don't use it all that often)

I need to go through my books and see what I want to keep and what I want to leave behind. thinking of asking at the laundry mat if they would like them. This laundry mat has no books out, which is unusul to me. But yes, books can make a place look cluttered and this place is not cluttered at all.

I did get Jerry to sit outside with me a few minutes. Rocky would not shut up. I forgot there was a bit of water in the kennel when Jerry brought it in, and Rocky does not like water at all. Jerry didn't like hearing him and after he yelled at Rocky a few times, gave up and came back inside and let him out of the kennel. I had watered all my plants by then and was just getting ready to sit down when Jerry came into the camper.
David's birthday was yesterday.  I do believe he was on the road since his facebook said he was at a Petro station in Knoxville TN.  too far for us to run and visit. Oh well.  reading his facebook, he had lots of well wishes from his friends.

Beth called, needing a phone number for a friend.  She told me that Heather had stood by herself for about a minute.  She had pulled herself up by Beth's pant leg, then let go and just stood there.  She's only 10 months old so she may well be walking before she's a year old. None of my kids walked that early but Jerry's mom said he was walking by the time he was 9 months old. Mary was not far behind him and all three of her kids were walking at before they were 1 year.
what I've done so far.
Made Jerry's breakfast
took the dogs out
answered an email about Kindle books
downloaded a few more book for Kindle
 read in a book on my Kindle for PC
Straighted up a few files on my computer (yeah, lazy work, I know)
cleaned up the bathroom.
sprayed OderBan on the carpet in the back.
went back to bed for 2 hours.
meds and breakfast
cleaned out rack at foot of my bed.
cleaned up over my bed, sorted, tossed a few things,
cleared off middle shelf of closet behind my bed.
lunch, salsa, cottage cheese, a few chips.

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