Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not Your Mother’s Macaroni Necklace

Not Your Mother's Macaroni Necklace
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By Kid's Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

Macaroni necklaces have been a staple of kid's crafts forever. This summer step up your crafting skills by making these fun bow tie pasta necklaces or pins. Bow Ties have become increasingly popular as racks of them are major department stores, so why not let the little ones make cute faux bow ties for themselves.


I prepared the bow ties first with either the jump rings or pin backs. This way the glue gun can be put away and the kids can finish the project. Also this gives them something to hold on to while they paint. If using the jump rings, use 2, one on either side at the top so the bow tie doesn't fall forward when strung and has a more stable mounting. One ring just seemed to make the pasta flop around.

Once the glue is set, the sky is the limit. We started with acrylic paint. For the polka dots we let the base dry first then used a toothpick dipped in paint to make the dots. Another idea is to glitter them, cover them with a matching base paint, then glue, then glitter. To make them look like a sterling silver pendant, use chrome spray paint.

After the paint has dried string them on cord or chains. Super easy and cute!


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