Friday, February 1, 2013

Jan 31

Hello ...  We are still without water in the camper. Jerry didn't even look at it last night. He came home, I got in the van and we went to Mary's for dinner. We have always seen a lot of cars at Mary's. It's served cafatiera style and Jerry has never been a fan of cafatiera's. I had two pieces of fried chicken, mac an cheese (that I gave to Jerry when he finished his food) and a 1/2 order of Lima Beans. I like Lima Beans and Jerry not so much. I picked up a salad where Jerry picked up a dessert. Believe me after I had my salad I didn't want that Mac and Cheese. But we will not be eating there again.  As I said, Jerry is not a fan of Cafatirea's. We got back to the camper. set up our shower bags, and went and got showers. Well, I can say I got wet, turned off the water, soaped up, then rinsed off as quiickly as I could cause the water is still not very warm in the showers. We came back home and almost fell into bed. I don't know if Jerry will work on the water tonight or not. I just tried to call the office to ask if they know the water is not very warm in the showers and got the answering machine. I'll call again later. I know they are trying to conserve on their power bill so they may have shut of the power to the hot water system.
Outside my door ...  It's Sunny but cool and windy.  We got lots of rain last night and the ground is soaked. We needed the rain here and I hope we get more rain just not all at one time. 
The Dogs ... are sleeping. Barney in the kennel cause he would not stay out of trouble this morning. If he wasn't picking on Macon it was Rocky. when neither one would play with him he was getting into stuff. After three times of "talking" to him, I just put him in the kennel. He's just like having a toddler around. He can't tell me what he wants and wants to be in the middle of everything.
The Cats ... Tupelo is sleeping on my bed with Rocky. The other two are outside someplace.
From the kitchen... With no running water, I'm not cooking anything.
I am hearing... The TV and the heater fan. Wind in the trees every now and then. A jet once in a while.
I am wearing... Dark Gray Sweatpants and a dark blue top.
I am reading... Exodus 33. 
I am hoping...  That Jerry can fix our water problems soon.
I am creating... I worked on that skirt yesterday. A few minor mishaps but nothing I couldn't take care of quickly. I now that the bottom hemmed and the two tiers sewn together. Next is the waist band I think.  Once I get the skirt done, I need to get the dress done.

Billie C

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