Friday, February 8, 2013

02 07 13 Howdy....

Howdy.... We have water back !! Yea !!!! (No we don't, it got worse around PM and I had to turn it off again)
Now I can cook again. I was getting just a bit tired of eating out every night. letting Hubby pick the place. I did get a break from having to make all the choices all the time. Almost like childhood when Mom made all the dinner choices and we had two eat it or starve.
First off... let me go see just what I still have in the freezer to fix for tonight. I do know it's going to be something I can cook in the roaster oven since it's going to be cold and raining by the time Hubby gets home from work.
Ah, I found a Beef Roast to fix. I may just bake potatoes and open a can of green beans instead of cooking them all together. I love cooking them all together but I want a change up. I'll have to sear all the edges to it will stay tender,
I'm thinking of baking a cake to go with it. I have a few, one layer cakes I can put together easy enough before I start the roast.
I have to check our produce and see if we still have enough "good" vegetables to have a good salad.
I picked up two large bowls right before we lost water and I want to use them There's a pen/ painter that you can use on dishes then bake in the oven to set that I want to look for at Hobby Lobby Saturday, when Hubby gets off work early enough I can stop in and enjoy a short shopping trip.
I am boiling water and pouring it down the drain in hopes of getting it to open up. It worked last time. If I have to plunge it, I'm going to pick up a new plunger just for this sink.  They don't cost that much.
Ugh.. the dogs.... my younger daughter called me a bit earlier that usual and I rushed into the camper to answer the phone. Usually the dogs go in first.. because I was first they all decided it was time to play jump in and out of the camper.. every time I thought I had them all in, one would go out (Usually Barney but Rocky did as well) finally I got them all out of the way so I could close the door and talk to my daughter.  It was a bit chaotic for a few minutes.
It didn't help that the cats wanted to jump in and out as well. Strips wants to come in, look around to see if there is any canned cat food offered, the leave again if there isn't.
I am hearing... The fan on the heater, water dripping in the sink. sometimes, when I'm in the back I can hear the leaking water, as well.
I have to tell you the latest on Barney the dog.
He loves his balls (toys not other) He will do anything to play ball. He has learned to play ball by himself by picking one up and dropping it.. Macon is NOT a fan of playing balls. I watched from the couch while Barney came in here and found his orange ball. Ran and got on my bed. and sat there chewing on the ball. Macon gave him a 'look' and got down in the floor between the beds and laid down.. Now.. Barney is crafty to be sure. Just as Macon was falling asleep, Barney dropped his ball ON Macon. Macon of course Jumped and looked up, Barney Jumped down and got the ball and got back up on my bed. He looked like he was saying "Oops, Sorry" to Macon as he got back on the bed and Macon laid his head back down... and just as he was falling asleep again Barney dropped the ball again, jumped down and got the ball and got back up on my bed and Macon "Looked" at him. I would say he was warning Barney to not do it again.. Macon no sooner laid his head down and Barney dropped the ball a third time, Right on Macon's head. Macon Jumped up, turned around and by then, Barney had the ball again. And I swear, Barney had a grin on his face.
Macon gave a huge ol sigh and came in and laid down by the kitchen sink. Looked at me as if to say "WHY me?" and laid his head down... and yep, Barney managed to toss the ball and hit Macon one more time. Macon picked up the ball (which disappears in his mouth when he does that) and just looked at Barney, turned around put the ball down and then laid down on it. Barney came in here, looking for another ball, couldn't find one so he picked up the red squeaky bone and started chewing on it Right by Macon's ear. Macon heaved yet another huge sigh and sat up and looked at me as if to say, "Can't you do something with this kid?" It was then that I took Barney outside to play ball for a few minutes.

Billie C

"Household tasks are easier and quicker when they are done by somebody else."
-- James Thorpe

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