Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Howdy. Monday

I'VE BEEN HACKED. Please do not open any links that are from me but not in my Terie's Crafts Newsletter.  This makes me so mad, because now I can't get back on AOL until Hubby gets home and resets my password for me. He keeps forgetting to give me the information so I can do it myself.  I did change my Yahoo password as soon as I realized I was hacked.  I have to double check my blogs to see if I got the messages off before someone thinks I sent that.
I got an email from one of the fellows in a Christmas Group that was a link and I know he was hacked the same way.  I'm wondering if that's where they got my email address to use it in this manner, 
In the meantime. My camper is getting cleaned up and I'm able to get through some older emails and save what I want to keep and remove those that were just mass saved.  I hardly ever use Automatic because I don't want to down-load anything I'm not sure is from a friend.

Billie C

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