Tuesday, February 26, 2013

dinner tonight is Crock pot chili

I just put into my crock pot
1 pound of browned ground beef
sprinkled 1/3 of a pack of dry Chili seasoning mix
1 can of pinto beans
sprinkled on 1/3 more of the dry chili seasoning
1 can of Tomatoes with Green Chilies
the rest of the dry chili seasoning.
I'll let this cook on high for a couple of hours, then turn down until it's time to eat. I'll not stir it until just before it's time to eat.
As you can see, I've just started browning the meat when I took this picture.  what do you think of my two burner stove top?

Billie C

Each leaf on the four leaf clover represents one of the following:

1st leaf is Hope
2nd is Faith
3rd is Love
4th is Luck

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