Sunday, February 24, 2013


Howdy. It's a fine Sunday afternoon. I'm on the lazy side today.. I'm just now starting my dishes... our water tank is so small that I have to run the dish water, let a few things sit in it while the tank warms up more water.  Try taking a shower sometime with just 3 to 4 gallons of hot water and you'll have an idea how much fun that is. 
I've already fed the cats outside. I want to change the time I feed them from afternoon to mornings.
Because Jerry got off work because of rain yesterday, he had to go in today and work.  So he's not got a full day off because he had to get up early and go to the  job yesterday.  He took a nap yesterday afternoon and went to bed a bit later than his usual. He did pick up "Game Of Throwns" season 2 while we were at Wal-mart yesterday. 
The sun is shining and I have the door open for a little while.  Rocky is sitting on front of the door staring at the neighbors. Macon is asleep in the sun on my bed and Barney is right beside him.  I haven't made the beds yet today.. I may not make them for a while. as I said, I'm on the lazy side today.
I'm going to make Hot dogs with spegettie noodles poked through them for our dinner tomorrow, and I'll serve them with tomato sauce.  I have the makings for Chili for later this week.
I have the tv on for noise but I may turn it off and play some music on my mp3 player.
I've been reading emails today. I have most of next weeks craft newsletters ready to go out. Just have to finish them up with a printable picture
Oh Man. Jerry just called. He's still working but he's going to nights. Not by choice, I'll have to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and pick up some dark material to make the bedroom dark enough he can sleep.

Billie C

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1st leaf is Hope
2nd is Faith
3rd is Love
4th is Luck

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