Friday, February 15, 2013


Howdy. Can I pull my hair out now?? I've poured a whole bottle of drain cleaner into this darn drain. 1/2 in the morning and the rest throughout the day as it's seeped just a little through the drain. I know it's not under the drain as I have a large dishpan under there to take care of any drips that may occur. I have a drip from the faucet so I've been keeping an old juice jug under it to keep from diluting the drain cleaner more. That is also how I know it's a very slow seep. When I first put the jug under the drip the bottom of it was in the bit of water/drain cleaner at the edge of the sink. It got low enough that the water wasn't even touching it. I empted that jug last night and put it under the drip again, It was over-flowing when I got up this morning at 7 AM. and the water was touching the bottom of it again.
I'm getting so spoiled with this, though. I get my kiss and a "I Love You" as Jerry is walking out the door. I don't have to get up. That is, unless the dogs beg to be walked. And if I wait until around 9 PM to walk them, they are good until 7 AM.

We ate at Pizza Hut last night. It wasn't too crowded. A family with 5 or 6 kids were there, and there was one kid, one of those "in the middle" kids who was just pushing his luck with everyone at the table. His Mom even made his change places and sit by her so she could stop his bad behavior. And I mean he really was pushing it. First he wanted down off the high chair. and he was determined to get down. He got a swat for that and he stopped tried to get down. Then he would push his highchair away from the table. It's on wheels so hey, that was fun. He did that several times even after his mom said she would take him out into the parking lot and give him "What For". That was when she moved him from beside his dad to around the table and to sit by her. Then he was banging the table with a spoon so they took the spoon away. Then he wanted to go to the bathroom. He got down and started to pick on one of his brothers instead of going to the bathroom, so back into the chair he went. Then two other brothers went to the bathroom and he wanted to join them. Not going to happen. By then their Pizza's came out and he settled down to eat. I did very well, not laughing out loud. We got a discount on our bread sticks because of how loud that kid was all the time. I didn't have the heart to tell the waitress that I was entertained by him, knowing that "I" didn't have to take him home and put him to bed.

We went to K-Mart after we got done eating. Jerry needed to replace his watch. He just can't find his watch and he's lost without it. He also picked up a different drain snake but by the time we got back home, it was time for him to go to bed, He said he'd use it tonight but I bet he won't work in that drain until Sunday. Which of course, naturally means we are eating out tonight. It will be hard to find someplace that isn't crowded because it will be the day after Valentines and Friday (date night for lots of people).
When we got home, I had Jerry's Valentines gift ready for him. I had a card on his computer and this cup on top of it. Jerry got me a card, while he was picking up his watch and the drain snake.
I reminded Jerry that I want to go look at the used Campers at the local R. V. center. We need larger but lighter. I would like a pull out of the side, as well. We want the Bath in the middle as well so that the bedroom is at one end.

. The one really bad thing about Jerry only getting one day a week off is we don't have time to just drive around. I still want to visit Shelby in Lynchburg but I just have so much to get done in just one day. Laundry, that takes at least 2 hours. And here lately we keep putting it off until we have next to nothing left to wear. We have to do all our shopping as well. The van will only hold so much so we usually end up taking the laundry home then have to go back out to do the shopping. Jerry wants to just sit at home and rest and I want to get out because all I have done is sit at home. We would like to go to a couple of museums around here. We would like to go find more Geo-caches.

Billie C
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April said...

Have you removed the trap and snaked it or drainoed it from the trap? Is the rest of your grey water tank draining ok? I had one once that we had to get into the access and snake it from the grey tank backwards......It was a barbie doll head.....

Mountainrose said...

Yes, I removed the J-trap and tried to get in from under the sink because the clog is way past the J-trap. The tank is draining from the bathroom sink and tub so it's somewhere between the kitchen sink and the bathroom. I tried to snake it this past week, and Hubby tried to go further than I did but I don't think he got as far in as I did. We got a different kind of snake last night and he said he would try to use it tonight but he may be too tired after we eat out, to want to work on it and may just put it off until Sunday.