Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Howdy.... I woke up about 6:10 and got dressed then took the dogs out. Jerry got home a bit after 7 and I found out he called me but I never heard the phone. I made breakfast for the both of us, and now he's gone off to bed. With this rainy day he should be able to sleep well. It's nice and dark in the bedroom today.
( 6 PM) We have had rain all day long and it looks like most of tonight as well. Hubby has gone off to work but half expects he'll be sent back home. I've jumped up and gotten most of the dishes washed, waiting on the hot water tank to reheat now as I write this. I know it's still winter but I'm so ready for warmth and spring to get here. I think the ground hog got it wrong this year. Beth said they had over 8 inches of snow where she's at.
The dogs are barking and running between the door and Jerry's bed. There's a new camper moving in down the row from us and they want to go see. The cars are all back outside now that they have had their canned food. Stripes got booted out the door earlier because he jumped on the stove and wouldn't get down when I told him to get down. He spent the rest of the day outside, mewing to come back in. I only allowed him in to eat.
Tomorrow morning, I'm going to start a pork roast. Jerry isn't much for pork roast but if I season it right he may eat it. I'm debating between cooking it in the crock pot or in the oven. I'm thinking the crock pot because if I use the oven I have to plug the heater in someplace else. I'll have to fix a salad to go with the roast. I will add potatoes and green beans in the pot as well. I going to remember to sear all the sides of the roast before I put it in the pot. Not sure what I'll make for dessert yet. I'll figure that out in the morning.
I have the news on but I'm waiting for Jerry to call me and let me know he's on his way back home. I need to watch a couple of the shows I DVR-ed today. Tonight we will have NCIS and NCIS LA on. I don't know what I'll watch after that because from what I've seen of the ad's for "Golden Boy" I'm not interested in that show at all.
I am wearing... dark blue sweat pants and a purple sweater. (sigh) I need some lighter colors to wear, I think.
I am reading... I read my chapter of the bible this morning and I've been reading emails all day long off and on. Playing Book Worm from time to time as well.
I am thinking... I can't wait for my Magic Bullet to get here so I can see just what does it do. I want to try the juicer part out first I think. I will need to go to the store first.
I am thankful for... Jerry still working although we would rather he not work nights.
I am hoping... Jerry doesn't have to work in the rain tonight. That we can visit Heather and her family next month.
I am creating... I need to work on a couple of cards for the grand kids for St Patrick's day.
One of my favorite things... surprising Jerry with things he likes to eat.
A few plans for today...Well tonight anyway... I plan on making Jerry's bed. and I hope to get the floor cleaned up, I know it would get done if I would just get up off the couch and do it.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I try not to make plans because sure as I do, I have to scrap them or change them around too much.

Billie C

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1st leaf is Hope
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4th is Luck

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