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Monday, monday

Monday Morning (5 am)
I've just run up some dish washing water as I know I have got to get them done before the sun comes up today. Our high is to be in the lower 80's and I know I'll have to have the air on. I am going to try to change my habits, at least for this week. I've already picked up some trash (should have been done last night) I've made the beds, put clothes in the laundry tubs off the foot of my bed. and just checked my emails. Need to clean the cat box. I'm going to try my hardest to not take a morning nap, but will see if I can sleep a couple of hours this afternoon instead.

Wait a minute, please, I need to get the pork chops out of the freezer for our dinner tonight.

There, the chops are down, they are for dinner tonight. Not sure how I'm going to fix them. Depends on how hot it gets in here. I want to fix either mashed potatoes or noodles with them. Of course I'll have a salad made up for the two of us. I went through my canned goods tub. I have a few cans of "Cream of" soup. I could smother the chops in that. but I'm not sure Jerry would like that. I might just heat the soup up in a pot on the stove and let him decided if he wants to smother his chop or not. Thinking I'll go with the mashed potatoes as I can use the soup as a gravy and have potatoes and gravy tonight. It's been a long time since I had gravy over anything.

I'll also make a dessert. Thinking of Sugar Free Jell-o with either pineapple or thaw some frozen strawberries and add those to the gell. Just not sure what I want to do, just yet. (still too early to want to think about it)

We got all our "running" around done on Saturday. We went driving around a bit, and since we ended up near the Hilltop grocery store, decided to go ahead and shop on Saturday rather than holding off until Sunday. We ended up eating Dinner at Cracker Barrel on Sunday. I wanted to go to the Dollar Tree store, but after dinner we just headed back home. It is a nice drive and we enjoy the countryside. It take just over an hour to drive from the camper to Dickson. Just under an hour to get to Clarksville.

Saturday, I sent Baby Heather a box, and Flat Stanley is on his way back to Bailey. She should receive him back either today or tomorrow.

Oops. my timer just went off, I have to go wash dishes, back in a few to add more to my note.

(hear me humming in the background?)

First strainer load is done. two more to go.

The sky is much lighter now, and the birds are starting to make a racket. I just turned the tv down a bit. I didn't realize just how loud I had it. I'm thinking of having a Ruben sandwich for lunch today. I found my one can of Sauerkraut when I went through the canned goods box.

Today is Trash day. So Now I have to go through the camper and find all the trash, bag it up, and put it out by the curb. So hear me humming again while I take care of that.
first, the cat box... (Humming)

Then the trash can in the back (more humming)

Back up front, take the bag out of the Tidy Cat tub, and remove the one from under Jerry's computer in a popcorn tin.. find the loose stuff and put it all in the larger bag.. tie the bag and walked it to the curb ( in my shorter nightie) Chris is up. I don't know if he "Saw" me or not..

Usually, I'm too late getting the trash out on Monday's. Mike gets up and takes care of it early on Monday's. The other two days of the week that he picks up the trash he's usually around for it after 10 am.

We have a chance of rain this afternoon. I have to pay the rent sometime today. I can give back the wash-house key, as well. When I went to do laundry this week, I saw that the lock had been removed. "good". We had a nasty family in here for a while. The Man. drives a truck for a living and so was not here all that often. His "wife" would come in, with a bunch of kids, not even sure if any belonged to them or not, and would just trash the place. Toss their trash out the door (not bagged up) Made a huge mess down at the fishing area. And I'll not tell you the mess that was left in the shower/laundry, Twice. Momma D had to serve eviction on them to get them to leave. A lot of yelling was going on two weekends ago. I'm glade they are gone although I never really saw them. I heard them each weekend. They would blast music so loud that I had to turn up the TV, and that was with the air on and the windows and door closed.

The timer has gone off again. I need to put away the clean dishes, wash up another strainer full of dishes,. so hear some more humming while I take care of that
my alarm went off, just as I got up so had to turn that off, Put away the clean dishes. washed and rinsed the next strainer load. put the pots to soak in the water and started a pot of coffee.

Wow, I have most of my "Dailies" done already. Still need to sweep the floor, but I want to also use Resolve on the carpet in the back. Will have to walk the dogs again, soon. and then I need to water my flowers.. The rest is stuff that isn't on a daily need to do list.
Well. It's time for breakfast. Oatmeal with some dried fruit soaked in the orange juice I use instead of milk. Then I can wash out that bowl and the dishes will be done for the day.
Jerry picked up a Radio Controlled Monster truck from Hobby Lobby over the weekend and has had a blast with it. Iexpect he'll have it out this evening as well, if he's not too tired. He had a lot of fun with it and the cats are not sure if they like it or not. They would follow it, until he would turn it around and drive it toward them. They could only handle so much of that and would run away.
Took the dogs for a pee break and walk around the lower level back to the camper. They want to pull all the way around. I cleaned the over the stove vent cover, It was soo bad, it was gummy.

Then I used the 409 carpet cleaner on the carpet in the back up to the kitchen doorway. I'm now waiting for it to dry. ( Hear me humming??)

finished up my pot of coffee.

I used Cricut Craftroom to design the bandana I want to make for Momma D. She's a huge Saint's Fan. I'm putting the emblem in the 4 corners of the bandana, once I get it cut out. It's getting cloudy so I doubt I'll be able to use the spray fabric color on it, today. But I can cut it out and iron it to the material.

I just turned off the hot water tank, closed the door, vents and windows and turned on the air conditioning. Although it's not "Great" is does keep it liveable in here as long as I'm not cooking. I have the back all cleaned up and the dishes done. Next is making a dessert. Thinking of Pudding.
(Rest of Monday)
We had some thunderstorms come through around 4:30 and I expected Jerry home early, and he was, by about 30 minutes. In the afternoon, after my "nap", I set up my Cricut to cut out a couple of things. It will cut construction paper well enough. Just have to change the settings a bit before I try again. I did cut out a couple of pieces for "Mother's Day" cards. One I cut too large and will re-cut a different piece this afternoon, I need to set the pressure setting a bit high as I ended up spending about 2 hours carefully cutting out along the lines it cut to get the frame I wanted. I'll try re-cutting that one as well, but if it doesn't come out, I have it already.

I fixed Pork Chops for dinner along with 4 cheese mashed potatoes, and a salad. I made chocolate sugar free pudding for our dessert. For the pork chops, I took some rice cereal and ground it fine in my mini chopper, added some Season All, then added the last of a bag of Southwester Ranch Seasoned Doritoes (maybe 1/2 a cup's worth of chips and crumbs) It was just enough to really give the chops some great flavor. I completely forgot about the cream of soup for a gravy on the chops.

Jerry went to bed early. He said he's been up and down from the thrid floor to between the 6th and 9th floor all day long. That's because the Fab area is on the 3rd floor. I'm guessing that they are not in a great hurry for this job or the company would have a Fab area on every floor, or at least every other floor.

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